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This kitty wears glasses to help kids with eye problems



  • A stray cat has become a model for glasses and eye patches for children with eye problems.
  • Seeing Truffles the Kitty wear glasses encourages the scared children to wear their glasses.
  • Truffles make it cool and fashionable to wear glasses and eye patches.

Who would have thought that a stray cat like Truffles would help kids feel confident with wearing glasses and eye patches? But yes, Truffles does, and makes it fashionable, too!

When Danielle Crull’s family found Truffles, they could not believe that nobody else wanted her.  Crull says Truffles is smart as she quickly learned how to “high five” and “sit”. “She’s a sweetheart,” she added.

As a master optician and owner of a dispensary for children’s glasses, she thought that if Truffles can wear glasses, maybe children can learn from her.  And so, she brought Truffles to her A Child’s Eyes in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Photo Credit: A Child’s Eyes

When the scared and insecure children see her wearing stylish frames, they change their minds.

Crull said, “It’s just like magic. As soon as the kids see her, they’re like, ‘OK, glasses are amazing.’”

Truffles even calm the children down. Just like when a child who did not want to wear glasses was sobbing, she put glasses on Truffles.  The child stopped crying, laughed and wanted to try on a lot of pairs.

Photo Credit: A Child’s Eyes

Crull recalled that what the child needed was to see Truffles in glasses and her demeanor completely changed.

And for children who have the eye condition amblyopia, Truffles wears eyepatches.  It makes the children less self-conscious.

Crull said, “When you cover up your eye that sees well to try to make your eye that doesn’t see well start to see better, you feel like you’re being punished. Seeing Truffles in it makes them feel like she’s one of them.”

Photo Credit: A Child’s Eyes

Truffles is known online as Truffles the Kitty and she frequently receives videos and messages from kids.  Crull shows them to Truffles and they reply with “encouragement packages” in the form of gifts like puzzles and posters and T-shirts.

Truffles’ educational videos teach kids how to take care of their glasses and to wear sunglasses when going outside.

Truffles enjoys her collection of glasses and sunglasses that sometimes she has fallen asleep while wearing them.  And when she doesn’t want to wear them, she just removes them.


But Crull says that Truffles knows what she does, and enjoys it. 

Source: TODAY