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This Soccer Match was Interrupted When a Bird Landed on Player’s Head [Video]



  • A soccer match was put to a standstill when a bird suddenly landed on a player’s head.
  • It turns out that the friendly macaw, who is named after the soccer legend Pelé, lives nearby and already visits the team’s training matches frequently.
  • The player says she’s pleased it happened to her, however, since it might be a sign that the soccer gods have blessed her!

An unexpected spectator disrupted a Brazilian soccer team’s training match when it decided to take a closer look at the players’ moves.

Bruna Benites of the SC Internacional team was minding her position in the soccer pitch when a feathered figure suddenly made its way toward her — and landed on her head!

Bruna told Globo News, “I looked ahead and saw that it was coming towards me. I just turned around and thought it was going to pass [by me].”

The match was put to a standstill until a stadium worker helped usher the bird away from the players and the field:

It turns out that the friendly macaw is already a familiar member of the audience. The bird, who is named after Brazil’s soccer legend Pelé, is domesticated and lives near the stadium with his licensed caretaker.

Bruna shared that Pelé the bird is “a free animal” who likes to visit them frequently during training.

“Normally he watches everything from [behind the goal] … But yesterday he decided to see things from another angle,” she added.

It was the first time that the bird landed on someone’s head, however, said Bruna.

Despite the initial shock, she’s pleased it happened to her.


“It was a really cool scene, It’s a privilege,” Bruna shared.

After all, it might be a sign that the soccer legend Pelé has blessed her!

Source: The Dodo