Three Clever Dogs Join Forces To Steal Plushie From Toy Store [Video]

clever dogs team up to rob toy store

  • Three dogs who had regularly visited a toy store finally found an opportunity to carry out their plan.
  • As they took turns being the lookout, they sneakily managed to steal a dog plushie.
  • A store employee said that they were busy with a customer at the time, preventing them from stopping the dogs.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Well, these three dogs are certainly thrilled that they managed to pull off their plan to rob a toy store.

The members of this canine A-Team have been regulars at the open-air Oasis Mall in the city of Bodrum, Turkey. They have particularly been fond of the toy store, Arma─čan.

Three Clever Dogs Join Forces To Steal Plushie From Toy Store
Photo Credit: Marmaris TV

Last week, the store’s security camera captured the three dogs gathering together by the store’s front door.

As one dog remained outside as a lookout, the second dog ran inside in what seemed to be a diversion. The dog who had been at the store first followed the “decoy” and grabbed a plushie with his mouth.

All three quickly ran away from the store before anyone could catch them.

├ť├ž k├Âpe─čin ma─čazadan oyuncak k├Âpek ├žalmas─▒ g├Ârenleri g├╝l├╝msetti BodrumÔÇÖda bulunan Oasis al─▒┼čveri┼č merkezine giren 3 k├Âpek, AVMÔÇÖde bulunan bir oyuncak ma─čazas─▒na geldi. Sokak k├Âpeklerinden biri kap─▒ ├Ân├╝nde beklerken, di─čer 2’si i├žeri girdi. K├Âpeklerden birinin pel├╝┼č k├Âpe─či ├žalmas─▒n─▒n ard─▒ndan ├╝├ž k├Âpek de h─▒zl─▒ca ma─čazadan ka├žarcas─▒na uzakla┼čt─▒. O anlar ise g├╝venlik kameralar─▒na yans─▒d─▒. K├Âpeklerin oyuncak ├žalmas─▒, ma─čazada ├žal─▒┼čanlar─▒n g├╝venlik kameralar─▒n─▒ izlemesiyle ortaya ├ž─▒kt─▒. K├Âpeklerin profesyonel h─▒rs─▒z gibi oyuncak ├žalmalar─▒, ma─čaza ├žal─▒┼čanlar─▒n─▒ da ┼čok etti. Oyuncak firmas─▒ ├žal─▒┼čanlar─▒ndan Faruk Can, k├Âpeklerin oyuncak ├žalmas─▒ kar┼č─▒s─▒nda ┼čok oldu─čunu ifade ederek, ÔÇť3 tane k├Âpek geldi, 1 tanesi d─▒┼čar─▒da etraf─▒ kontrol ederken di─čeri i├žeri girdi. Biz o s─▒ra m├╝┼čteriyle ilgileniyorduk di─čer k├Âpek de oyuncak pel├╝┼č k├Âpe─či al─▒p 3ÔÇÖ├╝ de b├Âlgeden h─▒zla uzakla┼čt─▒. Biz yakalamaya ├žal─▒┼čt─▒k ancak parampar├ža yapt─▒lar. Devaml─▒ gelen k├Âpekler, biz daha ├Ânce 3-4 sefer engel olmu┼čtuk ama bu defa engelleyemedik. Ald─▒klar─▒ pel├╝┼č k├Âpek oyunca─č─▒n de─čeri yakla┼č─▒k 300-400 lira civar─▒ndayd─▒ÔÇŁ dedi.

Posted by Marmaris TV on Friday, November 4, 2022

Organized crime is clearly not a good thing, but we have to admit that what they did was impressive.

Store employee Faruk Can said during an interview after the heist that the dogs have previously targeted the store. Staff had been able to shoo the sneaky dogs away before they could steal anything.

This time, however, the clever dogs found the perfect opportunity. The store employees were busy with a customer, so the dogs thought it the best time to strike.

The dogs managed to take a plush dog like this:

Three Clever Dogs Join Forces To Steal Plushie From Toy Store
Photo Credit: mynet

By the time employees caught up with them, the dogs had already torn up the plushie and it was no longer salvageable.

According to Can, such a plushie cost around 200-300 Turkish Liras, which is about $10-20. He said that it could be damaging to the store if this kept happening, but judging by his amused expression, he seems more impressed than angry.

Photo Credit: mynet

Can and the rest of the store employees couldn’t possibly stay mad at the three clever dogs.

Source: The Dodo

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