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Three-year-old lands a job after submitting a resume to the Fire Department



  • A three-year-old boy told his parents that he wanted to join the fire department.
  • Luckily, the fire department was holding a recruitment drive. 
  • With the help of his parents, the boy made a resume and confidently went to the fire department to ask for a job.

Don’t be fooled by Oliver Lipinski’s young age; he already possesses a wealth of knowledge that will make him an exceptional fireman.

He realized this about himself as they passed a fire station and informed his parents that he wanted to join the fire department. Luckily, a  recruitment drive was in the works,  and his parents were happy to help their 3-year-old son. 

As with any job, Oliver had to first create a resume demonstrating his qualifications to join the team. Using the information he provided to his parents, Courtney and Chris Lipinksi created a résumé that included his schooling, experience, and reasons for his desire in pursuing this job.


On the last day of recruitment, Oliver knocked on their door fully dressed in his turnout gear and confidently told Lt. Andrew Wiersma, “I want a job,” before handing him his outstanding résumé. He was quickly shortlisted and summoned for an interview.

In a news release, the Parksville Fire Department shared Oliver’s extensive knowledge about fire engines and trucks.

“He can list most parts on a ladder fire truck, has a basic understanding of hydraulics, does not play with ‘magic’ because it can start fires, and can recognize most letters and the sounds they make. He has completed all episodes of ‘Fire Safety with Roy’ and successfully completed volume one, firefighting coloring book.”


Despite the fact that this was Oliver’s first job interview, he wowed his future employers by knowing the names of all of the department’s fire engines. Due to his significant expertise and the fact that he resides inside their fire protection area, Fire Chief Norris was delighted to inform Oliver that he has passed the 2034 recruit class and is now a junior member!

Oliver drove Ladder 49 (his favorite fire truck) and received a tour of the fire station as part of his orientation. A red helmet, teddy bear, biscuit, and a certificate commemorating his status as an official junior member were also presented to him.

“We were thrilled to receive Oliver’s resume, conduct his interview, and we all look forward to welcoming him to the 2034 recruit class as a junior member,” said Chief Norris. 

Source: Inspire More