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Through His Viral Dance Challenge, Dad Collects iPads For Elderly People In ICU So They Can Connect With Their Families [Video]



  • Ever since the spread of coronavirus in the country, Chris has always wanted to do something to help.
  • So he started to deliver care goods to his neighborhood and then expanded throughout the country using his wide network of friends.
  • Recently, through his viral dance videos, he has asked fans to donate iPads for elderly people in ICU.

Chris Starkey has always thought of finding a way to help since the spread of novel coronavirus in the U.S. 

So, the father of two from Denver, Colorado, volunteers to deliver care packages to members of his community who are at high risk and struggle to go out. He then expanded this spirit of kindness using his network of friends to do the same all over the country.

Later in March, he took his philanthropy yet again to another level.

With the help of his daughter, Brooklyn, they started what he called, “It’s Quarantine Monday.” Brooklyn said that her 50-ish dad no longer “has it” and challenged him to a dance-off, then Chris asked the viewers to vote who they thought was the winner.

YouTube | Chris, and Brooklyn Starkey

Dancing around to Flo Rida’s “Shorty Got Low,” Chris’ character and personality with his quirky facial expressions made him the clear winner (at least in our opinion) of the challenge.

YouTube | Chris, and Brooklyn Starkey

Chris was once a freelance actor and choreographer and that was surely an advantage, but both of them actually have shown impressive moves!

After their video went viral, Chris thought to make a #quarantinechallenge to encourage more families to have fun while social distancing. 

YouTube | Chris, and Brooklyn Starkey

Yet again, he thought of another way to help others in need.

YouTube | Chris, and Brooklyn Starkey

A friend of his, Kelly Kates, suggested that he ask his fans to donate iPads to elderly people, and Chris agreed it was a good idea. So he shared it on Facebook saying:

“Many hospitals here in Colorado have reached out and are looking for iPads to help the elderly who do not have iPhones to communicate with their family during their time of quarantine. Please PM me and we can pick it up. We also have a drop-off as well if you don’t feel comfortable with someone coming to your doorstep.”

After only a few days, 20 iPads came for the elderly people in the ICU to use and get connected with their families.

Thank you, Chris, for your amazing dance videos and even more amazing heart to help!


Source: Inspire More