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Tiny kitten melts grouchy sibling cat’s heart



  • It was not love at first sight for kitty siblings, Goose and Moose.
  • Their owners showed a video of the cats’ first encounter and it was not warm at all.
  • Upon the advice of an expert on how to introduce a kitty to an older cat and take things slow, the two have hit things off now.

If you base the outcome of relationships on first meetings, you would have lesser chances of it working out. Adjustments have to be made and acceptance of quirks and behavior can take time.  Moreso if you are being introduced to a new younger sibling who can be quite annoying.

Take the case of Goose and Moose.


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In a video posted by their parents on TikTok of their first meeting, Moose did not give her new kitten sibling Goose a warm reception.  She was used to being a solo child.  At one point, she even hissed at the kitty, coming off as a total grumpy cat!  It’s as if Moose was irritated by the kitty.

Good thing that her parents heeded an expert’s advice on how to introduce a kitten to an older cat and took things slow.  Making the acceptance a slow but sure process.  And got an amazing result because of it.

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Moose and Goose’s owners wrote, “We honestly couldn’t believe how quickly she took to him!  Within a day she was grooming him and watching over him sleeping.”

Cat parents can learn from this method to make the transition easier and more acceptable to older cats. After all, change does involve patience. 

Source: The Dodo