Toddler and rottweiler singing tandem is everyone’s favorite girl band [Video]

Toddler and rottweiler singing tandem is everyone's favorite girl band

  • Zara the rottweiler has been Gia’s companion ever since she was born.
  • When Gia received a mic as a Christmas gift, she started singing — and Zara howled along.
  • Now, the adorable singing tandem has since become full-fledged “pop influencers” with over 30,900 followers on Instagram.

Gia and Zara seem to be a match made in heaven. Zara the rottweiler has always been devoted to her family, so when Gia was born, the pup considered her “a new member of the pack” who needs to be protected. Zara knew how to be gentle around the little Gia!

Photo Credit: Instagram/stylish_paws

Their friendship grew even stronger as Gia grew up.

Their mom, Stacey, said, “They’ve kind of just naturally grown up as siblings.”

Stacey shared that even Gia’s first word was “pup.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/stylish_paws

One Christmas, Gia’s music-loving family gifted her a stand-up microphone. She immediately “sang” once it was out of the box. What’s more delightful is that Zara joined in!

Stacey shared, “Zara’s always been vocal. Every time Gia starts singing, well she’s not really singing, Zara starts howling. She can’t contain herself.”

It’s a sight to see! Whenever Gia sings into her microphone, Zara would accompany her. The vocal pup would throw her head back and howl along!

Stacey has since called the pair “everyone’s favorite girl band!”

Take a look at one of their videos. Watching Gia in a frilly pink tutu, giving her 100% during the performance, really makes us think that the lovely duo have become full-fledged “pop influencers.”

They even have 30,900 fans on Instagram! We can’t wait to hear their next big hit.

You can see more of Gia and Zara’s adorable duets on Instagram.

Source: Inspire More

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