Tommy Shellby the Tortoise Warns No Black Shoes Allowed Or It’s War [Video]

  • A grandson learned a lesson the hard way to not wear black shoes around his grandma’s pet tortoise, Tommy Shellby.
  • Tommy would zoom in on black shoes and head butt the shoes.
  • The series of videos showing Tommy’s aversion to black shoes have gone viral, amazing millions of viewers.

We do not know what Tommy Shellby the tortoise hates about black shoes but be warned, he charges when he sees one!

This is what Harry Vines from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK has learned the painful way.

Whenever Harry visits his grandmother Daphne Woodcock, Tommy’s owner, he is careful not to wear black shoes anymore or go barefooted, especially in the yard.  He has already experienced Tommy zeroing in on the shoes and attacking it.  Tommy charges with a series of headbutts and if you are wearing the shoes and Tommy hits your shin, it sure is painful.

Harry says, “If he gets your ankle bone, it does hurt quite a bit. It’s more like a shell-bash.”

Photo Credit: @phatonions (SWNS)

Harry thinks that Tommy might be a fashion-conscious reptile that thinks black shoes are not in. Harry said, “Maybe he’s trying to tell me I look good in white shoes, so don’t be wearing black ones.”

To please Tommy, Harry has not been buying black shoes.

Photo Credit: @phatonions (SWNS)

The unusual shell-bashing behavior prompted Tommy to post the videos of the attack. A friend loved the clip and so whenever he does the “experiments” to see if Tommy really hates black shoes, he uploads them.

One video shows Harry zooming in on a black shoe and not minding the gray one or climbing over a pile of white shoes to get to the black one.

The videos have gone viral and so far, it has been viewed 39 million times!

His grandmother could not believe the popularity that her pet has gained.  But you have been warned.  If you’re going to visit grandma, don’t wear black shoes!

Source: Good News Network

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Maybe he was kicked by someone wearing black shoes.