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Used Couch Unexpectedly Came with Stowaway Cat



  • When Caylee Gilson moved from a house to an apartment, she decided to trade in her large sectional for a smaller couch.
  • After picking it up, she did not know that it was hiding a stowaway cat!
  • The cat had belonged to the sofa’s previous owners and was hiding in a secret hidey-hole.

Caylee Gilson was moving from a house to a new apartment, so she had to get rid of some large furniture. So, she put it up for sale on her local Facebook Marketplace, where she saw a suitable replacement: a smaller gray couch.

Photo Credit: Caylee Gilson

Caylee and her boyfriend then picked it up last week.

She told The Dodo that the sellers informed her that the sofa had no liner underneath since their “Boston terrier liked to rub on the underside of the couch.” So, the springs on the sofa’s bottom were exposed.

They then put in a truck and drove about 30 minutes to get back home.

Caylee worked from home the next day and didn’t notice anything until that night when her young son told her there was a cat in the living room.

“I didn’t think anything of it because he is always talking about this imaginary cat named Ender Dragon,” Caylee shared.

Photo Credit: Caylee Gilson

She recalled, “I thought, ‘Oh, it’s just Ender Dragon, it’s fine. It’s not a big deal.’ But he’s like, ‘No mama, there’s a cat!’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah, play with Ender Dragon, show him a good time.’ I honestly thought nothing of it.”

Soon, their 3-month-old puppy also noticed something and started barking at it. Caylee came to see what was wrong, but she still didn’t see anything.

It was only until she peered down that she saw two glassy eyes staring back at her.

Photo Credit: Caylee Gilson

There was indeed a real cat!

She was not sure how the cat came to be there since all the entry points in their home were closed. She eventually realized that the cat must have come in with the couch since it was the only thing that changed in their home.

So, she contacted the previous owners of the couch to ask if the cat belonged to them.

Photo Credit: Caylee Gilson

The kitty’s mom soon reunited with her cat, but not after about 20 minutes of searching.

It turns out that the arm of the sofa had a secret hiding place, which was the kitty’s favorite spot.

The kitty may not be too happy to be separated from his hidey-hole, but Caylee is satisfied with her “new” piece of furniture.

Source: The Dodo