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Video: Adorable Dachshund Misses Day Care Pals



Quick Smiles:

  • Alfie the dachshund loves visiting kids at day care
  • Confused when day care is closed on weekends
  • Video goes viral on TikTok with over 473,000 views

Alfie, a lovable dachshund, has a daily routine of visiting kids at a day care and a local primary school. His owner, Edsel Ramirez, 45, said they stop by these places to help 2-year-old Alfie become more comfortable around children. Alfie gets super excited whenever he sees kids, even if there’s a window between them.


It’s in his routine to meet the kids every morning. But it’s the weekend and the daycare is closed 🐾 Happy weekend everyone ❤️ #dachshund #thehague #netherlands

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One weekend, Alfie was puzzled when he discovered that the day care was closed. A video of this adorable moment has gone viral on TikTok, with over 473,000 views. In the clip, Alfie can be seen wagging his tail while waiting by the front door for his little friends to come out.