Video Of An Amputee Dog Trying To Use Stairs Is Both Touching and Inspiring

  • After Daisy the Golden retriever mix had one of her back legs amputated, she had to learn how to climb up the stairs again.
  • Her owner posted her successful journey up the stairs on their TikTok account, @thetripawdtwins.
  • The video has inspired other pet owners who are facing a similar situation and gives them hope.

Dogs are wonderful sources of inspiration.  Some still give love after years of abuse.  They still trust when they have been abandoned.  And when they have physical deformities whether inborn or by injury, they do not think of it as hindrances to being happy and loving beings. 

Maybe that is the reason why when they triumph over challenges, the world cannot help but cheer them on.

@thetripawdtwins So proud of her ✨💕🥹 #tripawd #goldenretriever #greatpyrenees #rescuedog #farmdog #dogsoftiktok #inspiration #amputee ♬ Emotional Piano for the Soul (Inspirational Background Music) – Fearless Motivation Instrumentals

When rescued in 2020, Daisy the Golden Retriever mix had her rear leg amputated.  And her owner has posted a video of how she is learning to go up the stairs again on their account, @thetripawdtwins.

Daisy and her brother Ralph are ‘tripawds’ or have only three legs, hence the account name.

In the text on the video, Daisy’s owner said that after practice, encouragement, comfort toys and treats, look at Daisy go up the stairs! The caption “So proud of her” speaks volumes of the journey that Daisy had to go through.

@thetripawdtwins Reply to @bryslsia going down is much easier! #tripawd #rescuedog #dogsareawesome ♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

And it is not just her owners who are amazed at her perseverance and courage.  The viewers were also cheering her on. As @djfan300 commented, “Not me saying ‘there ya go’ after that first step.”

Daisy truly inspires others to go and just do it even with a lot of hesitation as @Samanthaamiller took note of “you can see her trying to move the leg that’s not there.”  Yes, she may have been adjusting to not having all four of her legs but her owner says, “now she knows she doesn’t need it and she’s flying!”

What an achievement, Daisy!  And other pet owners who have the same challenge to hurdle are taking their cue from you.

@thetripawdtwins The best big brother 🥲💕 #tripawd #goldenretriever #greatpyrenees #rescuedog #farmdog #dogsoftiktok #bestfriends #twins #love #friendship #snuggles #dogmom ♬ original sound – Ralph & Daisy

User @ayell17 said, “This gives me hope. We might have to amputate my dog’s back right leg and I was worried about him going upstairs!” But they let go of their worries now.  You have given them a fine example of how challenges can be hurdled with patience and a whole lot of love.

Keep on inspiring, Daisy!

Source: Pet Helpful

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