Visually-impaired little girl meets baby brother for the first time [Video]

  • A video of a four-year-old visually-impaired girl meeting her baby brother for the first time has warmed the hearts of internet users.
  • Though he cannot see her brother, she put her hand on his head and sweetly said, “Hi Hunter, hey sweet boy.”
  • One Twitter user commented “Her joy is beautiful” while others thanked the little girl’s mom for sharing the heart-melting video.

A short video of a four-year-old visually-impaired girl meeting her baby brother for the first time is going viral on the internet. The clip surely left those who watched it teary-eyed.

In the video uploaded by the kids’ mom, Caroline Halbert, the girl says hello to her baby brother and touches his head and face.

“Hi Hunter, hey sweet boy,” she greets the bundle of joy. She then goes on to sing the Happy Birthday song for her brother.

““Hi Hunter, hey sweet boy.” The beautiful moment you meet your sibling for the 1st time… she touches her baby brother’s face to imagine her baby brother,”  the video is captioned.

The internet loves the heartwarming video and has gone viral on social media. Those who commented on the video pointed out how infectious Presley’s joy was when she met her sibling for the first time.

One Twitter user commented, “Her joy is so beautiful” while another said, “this is so beautiful thank you for sharing..”

Another user wrote, “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” One user pointed out that “Life draws meaning from these precious moments.”

Last month, a restaurant in London was praised online after it surprised a blind woman on her birthday. The video shows the woman being presented with a plate that has “happy birthday” written on it in Braille.

The woman was asked to place her fingers over the plate with the Braille message and was immediately taken aback when she realized what was written on it. The sweet gesture from the chef left the woman emotional and grateful.

The restaurant’s general manager said that they typically use melted chocolate to write birthday messages, but this was the first time a Braille message had been made.

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