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War Veteran Celebrated His 100th Birthday With Grand Car Parade Surprise Organized By His Grandson



  • Peter Zagara is turning 100 and his grandson won’t let that day go without a grand celebration.
  • So with his wife and sister’s help, they organized a car parade for him.
  • Peter was overjoyed to see police cars, firefighters, friends, and family, participating in the parade for his birthday!

Not everyone gets to reach the great milestone of 100 years in life. So when someone does, it certainly deserves a grand celebration!

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter Zagara from Toms River, New Jersey, celebrated his 100th birthday on April 13. His friends and family, especially his grandson, PJ Franovic, wouldn’t just let that day go off without a big surprise for his “pop.”

Photo Credit: @BigCatt (Instagram)

 PJ recruited his wife, Theresa, and his sister, Stefanie, to help him organize the surprise.

The day before his pop’s birthday, who was a World War II veteran, he invited him outside his home where the biggest surprise was about to happen.

Photo Credit: @BigCatt (Instagram)

“It’s your birthday, Pop, and you’re turning 100,” PJ said. “We gotta make sure that you had a party with the right amount of people for it. So we’ve got some people driving down!”

Peter was shocked and delighted the moment he saw the police cars with blaring sirens and flashing lights driving toward them to inaugurate the grand birthday parade for him while Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me” was playing in the background.

Photo Credit: @BigCatt (Instagram)

Then their friends, families, and even firefighters in their cars followed with signs greeting him happy birthday, cheering, shouting, honking, waving, and just celebrating his centenarian birthday.

“When you turn 100, not even coronavirus should stop the celebration. We all love this man too much to let a tiny little global pandemic get in the way,” PJ posted on Instagram. “Happy Birthday, Poppa! What an incredible life you’ve had so far and hopefully many more years to go.”

Photo Credit: @BigCatt (Instagram)

Peter was unable to hold his tears of joy. It may be a little sad he couldn’t hug these beautiful people but we are glad that he is happy and many people love him!

Source: Inspire More