Watch A Handy Man Being Distracted By A Pit Bull Who Wants To Play [Video]

  • The internet is abuzz with a video of a handyman getting distracted by a happy dog out to play.
  • The 15-second video shows them dancing and then battling it over a bone where the handyman emerges as the winner.
  • The viewers cannot decide if it’s the game between the two or the second handyman who continues working amidst the fun play that’s got them glued.

When you’re a dog person, it would certainly show.  And dogs would capitalize on that and distract you from the job at hand.

Take this handyman who seems to be installing the flooring in a client’s house.  But then happy Maui the pit bull invites him to play and their video taken from a security camera has taken the internet by storm.

@bossykennelsmaui Its always a plus to see whats happening in my house when I’m not there 😂😂😂😂 #capturedoncamera #funnyvideos #homealone #handyman #busted #funniestmoments #homevideos #securitycamera #caughtoncamera ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

It may be captioned “It’s always a plus to see what’s happening in my house when I’m not there,” by @bossykennelsmaui, but the easy and fun interaction between the handyman and the dog has captured the attention of 4.5 million viewers in just 4 days since it was posted.

The adorable duo starts with a little dance, while they wobble back and forth together with Maui’s tail wagging, showing how happy he is.  But then, a game of tug of war for a bone ensues between the two.  The handyman is also biting the bone!  It’s a mouth-to-mouth battle!

Photo Credit: @bossykennelsmaui (TikTok)

You cheer on but the handyman wrestles the bone from the dog’s mouth and waves his arms, signaling victory.

All this is happening while the handyman’s companion steadfastly does his work. 

Photo Credit: @bossykennelsmaui (TikTok)

It may be just another day for him but for his distracted co-worker and the dog, it was a fun way to liven up life even just for a short while.

And for all the viewers, a welcome break from all the bad news.

More videos like this, please!

Source: Daily Paws

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