Watch: Adorable dog crashes pool party [Video]

  • Two dogs wandering around their neighborhood, managed to chance upon a pool party where they were allowed to go in.
  • One dog turned out to be a real party goer while the other watched.
  • The human partygoers contacted the canine party crasher’s dad and so the two had to leave the party but not without a standing invitation to come party anytime.

When you and your friends are having a great time at a pool party and you see two dogs hanging around outside the fence, you wouldn’t think of inviting them or would you?  But for these bunch of friends, being gatecrashed by the pair was a welcome entertainment and addition to the fun.

With one dog having a tag, making sure that they do not wander off farther and getting lost was their main concern and so they invited them in while finding ways to track their owners.

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One dog was not the least shy while the other proceeded with caution. As one of the partygoers Jennifer Motes said, “The golden was down to party right away and immediately started running around, wagging its tail, going up to everyone and getting pets. The shepherd was much more timid, kinda stayed in the yard for a bit, but then when she saw her friend up on the deck with us, she eventually came up there too.”

Photo Credit: Jennifer Motes

The golden, who they later learned was named Stoker, knew how to party. He played fetch, begged for food, stole shoes and even hopped into the pool! Motes said, “Some of the people in the pool had slid the innertube raft over to the edge and Stoker climbed right. He floated around the pool, got pets and kisses, went swimming and had a great time! The shepherd never was brave enough to go in the pool, she just walked around and watched us, let some of us pet her and she chased after Stoker.”

Photo Credit: Jennifer Motes

But all good times never last and Stoker’s dad was contacted and so the party crasher duo had to return home.  Turns out the two are avid playmates and were real partygoers. The humans said the pair were always welcome anytime they wanted to come back.

They sure did make the pool party the stuff to be talked about for a long time by the humans.  As for the dogs, gate crashing sure is fun when you are made welcome. Party on!  

Source: The Dodo

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I love the pool party crashers!! Looks like everyone has a good time .