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Watch Sweet Family Helps 94-Year-Old Grandpa Rides Down The Waterslide [Video]



  • Their 94-year-old grandfather made a request to members of his household to help him ride down the waterslide, into the pool.
  • His grandson helped him up the pool ladder, while others waited down the slide to catch the old man in case something goes wrong.
  • The mission to fulfill their grandfather’s request was a success.

Roy Beller, 94, established solid connections with the members of his household. The family continues to support each other, no matter how big or how small their goals are. It was only natural that when the old veteran made a special request during their recent backyard pool party, it was all-hands-on-deck.

Watch the video below in FULL SCREEN.

Roy is unsteady on his feet, but the pool setting made him want to go for a ride down the pool slide. Michael Graham called other members of the household to make sure that this one request is fulfilled, anything that would make his grandfather happy.  

The touching moment was uploaded on social media. In the video posted, family members are seen helping their grandfather up the slide’s ladder, in full-support while at it. Roy made it up the ladder, unto the top of the slide, but before the much-awaited slide, his family put a cowboy hat on his head.

Roy prepared himself before plunging down into the water, with relatives surrounding where he is expected to land to catch him in case something goes wrong. Everything was in order. Roy was capable enough and appeared pretty strong for his advanced age.

“When your 94-year-old Papa says I’m going down the waterslide that means he’s going down the waterslide!” Michael wrote. “I love him so much and hope to be half the man he has been through his life.”

The uploaded video went viral with over one million views. Michael was surprised. He told the old man about how the video of him on the slide became popular on social media, he found it difficult to believe.

“He is the patriarch of the family and everybody gets together and has each other’s back,” Michael said.

These moments where people show affection are inspirations for others. For sure, every person out there would find solace in special moments like these. How fortunate these people are for these admirable connections with one another.

Source: Inspire More