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Watch These Geese Happily Greet Their Favorite Human [Video]



  • Doug Carleton frequently visits a small park in his city. 
  • There, he met and became friends with the geese and gave each one of them a name. 
  • But one particular goose was extra fond of him — he would always run to greet him on every visit.

Since three years ago, Doug Carleton has been frequently visiting the same small park in his city. He enjoys the view, relaxes himself, and befriends the geese living there. 

“I am generally good with animals, I can befriend the most snaggletoothed cat,” Doug told The Dodo. “Geese were new to me, but I just picked up how to not alarm them or give them reason to fear me, and eventually all of them just became cool with having me amongst them and interacting with them.”

He has become really good friends with the 8 geese in the park that he already gave each of them a name. The geese themselves seemed to have accepted Doug’s presence and learned to trust him as their friend. 

But in June, he noticed a newcomer and he wondered where he came from. He also gave him a name — Sam. 

As it turned out, Sam was from that islet in the middle of the pond where the geese stay by night. He was born there and went only to the mainland when was strong enough.  

He came to meet Doug and they soon became best friends. Sam was so fond of him that whenever he sees him approaching, he runs to greet him all the time! 

“He is the most passive of all the geese so far, geese tend to hiss at people when they get cornered/think someone is moving too close and ignoring the honking,” Doug said. “I have never heard Sam hiss at anyone yet.”

Since Sam is just a baby and Doug was his first human best friend, he trusts Doug so much and is eager to see him everyday.  

For Doug, he’s happy to have developed a unique friendship with the geese who share with him his favorite park in his city.


Source: The Dodo