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Watch This Adorable Cockapoo Answers Dad’s Math Questions [Video]



  • Luna the cockapoo’s ability to answer her dad’s match questions has netizens amazed.
  • Luna answers by stomping her feet and tapping her dad’s shoulder.
  • In a now viral video on TikTok, Luna correctly answers dad’s what’s nine minus six with three taps on his shoulder after thinking it over.

A Cockapoo named Luna has been delighting netizens with her ability to answer her dad’s math questions by stomping her paws and tapping her dad on the shoulder.

@lunatheminicockapoo The way she does it in her head first… 😳 #dogsoftiktok #dogs #fyp #lunatheminicockapoo ♬ original sound – LunaTheMiniCockapoo

The TikTok video clip under @lunatheminicockapoo shows Luna sitting at the backseat of their car with her dad in front.  Dad asks her “Luna, what’s nine minus six?”.  Luna does not immediately respond but looks at her dad and so dad asks her again. “You got this, what’s nine minus six?”

This time, Luna looks away as if solving the problem and then stomping her paws six times after a few seconds

Dad asks her “What?” at the wrong answer.  Luna then pats three times at her dad’s shoulder and that’s when she got an “Excellent” shout from dad.  He even gives her a big cuddle and says “Good girl.”

Photo Credit: @lunatheminicockapoo (TikTok)

Pretty impressive, right? And it has already been viewed 7.8 million times and liked 1.6 million times. 

The video’s caption reads: “The way she does it in her head first…”

You are one clever pooch, Luna.

But can dogs really do Math? They may appear goofy but they are intelligent animals and the American Kennel Club (AKC) said they are capable of simple counting.

@lunatheminicockapoo I can’t with the head nods… 😩❤️ #puppylove #dogs #dogsoftiktok #doglover #lunatheminicockapoo ♬ original sound – LunaTheMiniCockapoo

And the dogs’ intelligence varies amongst both breeds and individual dogs, according to Wendy Diamond, chief pet officer at Animal Fair Media. “Just like humans, each pup is unique,” Diamond said.

Cockapoos, a cross of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle is popular for being smart and their willingness to learn new tricks.  While some breeds like “Basset Hounds, are not as easily trainable and tend not to perform as well in activities that require more mental agility and obedience.”

Photo by Hugo Kruip on Unsplash

But as for complicated math problems, dogs, unfortunately, cannot understand them.

And so, when Meow Meow Mittens McGhee wondered: “Does she do taxes?” @Lunatheminicockapoo answered, “she’s learning.”

But other commenters are amazed at Luna’s ability. Virgo queen wrote: “I love her thinking face,” said nuhe. “She was calculating,” while Matilda asked, “Can I borrow her I have a math exam next week.” Another user a said: “Smarter than me bc I most def said 4.” LOL.

Keep on learning, Luna! 

Source: Newsweek