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Watch This Sleepy Dog Get Up To Sing Along To Taylor Swift [Video]



  • Alfi’s parents usually have trouble getting him to move, since he’s such a big dog.
  • But they noticed that Alfi would get up when his favorite song is playing.
  • No matter how sleepy he is, Alfi would walk up to where the music is and sing along!

Getting up from a peaceful slumber — or waking someone else up — is not always an easy feat. Many would suggest having or providing a motivation to get up for. For some, simply waking up to the smell of food does the trick. For others, like this Great Pyrenees, it’s their favorite music.


Do you know how hard it is to get a sleeping pyrenees to move? This is a true fan. And he couldn’t even get tickets…. #taylorswift #swiftie #tswift #fyp #foryou #greatpyrenees ♬ Cumbia Buena – Grupo La Cumbia

It can be hard to move a dog who doesn’t want to move — especially a big one like Alfi!

But apparently, putting on Taylor Swift got him moving to the rhythm. Even his climb up the stairs matched the beat. He was still so sleepy that he kept yawning, but he powered through.

Sleepy Pyrenees Gets Up To Sing Along To Taylor Swift
Photo Credit: TikTok/alfi_the_great

Our favorite part is when he looked back to his human for approval.

Photo Credit: TikTok/alfi_the_great

You’re doing great, sweetie! And thousands of viewers agree. TikTok user @the.wizard.of.cats wrote, “Taylor, we got your backup singer right here.” We can tell how much he’s been practicing for his time in the spotlight.

Another commenter, @brookecole, suggested that Alfi might be asking if his parents got him a ticket to Taylor’s upcoming tour. His human replied, “I know right!!! He needs one!” We know it’s a struggle to get tickets, but Alfi is a certified fan and he needs one right away!

This is Alfi in another sing-along moment.

@alfi_the_great Pyrfect pitch. #GreatPyrenees #VoiceOfAnAngel #Talent #neverseeyouagain ♬ original sound – Alfi_The_Great

Now, whenever Alfi’s parents have trouble waking him up or getting him to move, they can simply put on his favorite song. It certainly makes for a pleasant morning for this music fan.

You can see more of Alfi and his singing on TikTok.

Source: Pet Helpful