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When Woman Let Her Dogs Out, They Played with an Abandoned Pup and Brought Him Home



  • Sara Nisevic was not planning on having an additional member of the family a few weeks ago.
  • But when he let his dogs out to play one time, she found them having bonded with a pup she didn’t recognize.
  • Sara tried to look for his owner, but to no avail, and now he is the newest member of the family.

Sara Nisevic never had plans to have an additional member in the family a few weeks ago. Just like any regular day, she let her dogs out to play but she found them having a good time with a little brown pup she only saw for the first time.

“As soon as we went out to say hi to the dog, he ran towards us and started asking for pets and kisses,” Sara told The Dodo. “I felt an instant bond with him and knew that this was our dog.”

Photo Credit: Sara Nisevic

Living in a rural area, it’s unlikely that the new dog was a stray because their area was never known for dogs being dumped there. Or so Sara thought. 

We live in the middle of nowhere, and we know all the dogs in the valley,” she said. “The area is unfortunately known for dumping dogs.”

Photo Credit: Sara Nisevic

She gave the dog a name, Strudel, and let him stay in their home while she searched for his family. She tried posting online and asked around the neighborhood but to no avail.

Where Strudel came from was still a mystery but the cute little pup has been always at his best self. He is polite and although he was shy at first, it did not take long for him to make himself at home.

Photo Credit: Sara Nisevic

Strudel has found comfort with Srna, Sara’s older rescue. Sara even made them a large dog bed so both of them can sleep together which they have been doing since.

Sara is happy to have Strudel come into their lives and the pup made sure he shows how grateful he is to have a new home.

Photo Credit: Sara Nisevic

“He loves to lay with you in the bed and cuddle,” Sara said. “Outside he is very playful. He is always bugging his big sister Srna to play, biting on her legs since he’s so small that it’s the only thing he can reach.”

Now, Strudel enjoys his new life with the new family who welcomed him with open arms and wholeheartedly. They have many plans in the future like going camping, traveling, and having a picnic in the river with his favorite food. Certainly, he is now an important part of the family.

Source: The Dodo