Who Says Cats Can’t Fly? These Photos Show Them Floating In The Air Like Cathletes

We all know cats have nine lives. That may be the reason why they are so daring and athletic.

Felines are naturally graceful in the wild. These sleek predators hunt by combining stealth and wit. Though domestic cats do not have to hunt for their food, their instincts are still on full display.

Cat owners have surely seen their pets launch themselves through the air like missiles. And they make it look effortless.

Here are 15 adorable cathletes captured on camera doing what they do best.

1. Yup! A slow-motion fight where this cutie is… losing?

2. Up, Up and Away! He believed he could fly, and that’s exactly what he did.

3. This furball looks like she was blown by the wind. But she made it look graceful.

4. This girl should be in action movies. No need for doubles.

5. Flying cat in action. No subtitle required.

6. Eyes forward, lunge then jump, streamline the body, and outspread the arms. Score: 10

7. Her shadow says it all.

8. It’s a good thing they always land on their feet.

9. This kitty defies gravity.

10. “I can go higher, just watch me!”

11. No spring on me.

12. White fluff in the air.

13. Move over Krypto. Superman has a new sidekick.

14. This Bengal’s athletic form is spot on.

15. Fluffy and chubby but light and fast.

Enough proof that cats can fly indeed. And they’re as adorable when they are on the ground.

Source: Inspire More

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