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Wife finds husband’s ‘secret’ Instagram account [Video]



  • Rachel Sullivan was shocked when she found out that her husband has a secret Instagram account.
  • Tom Sullivan’s secret IG was actually all about Rachel — all the food she eats!
  • The account was motivated by Rachel’s PCOS condition, where she needs a special kind of diet to regulate her hormones.

A wife got the shock of her life when she found out about her husband’s secret Instagram account.

Rachel Sullivan made sure to let the whole world know about her husband’s “mystery account” and why he was so hush-hush about it.

In her TikTok video, Rachel began unfolding the secret by saying, “Last week, I found out my husband had a secret Instagram account.”


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Apparently, Instagram paved the way for her to discover it, when the app suggested she follow her husband, Tom Sullivan, on the app.

“It was on the ‘people you may know’ section,” Rachael said. “It said ‘Tom Sullivan @MealsSheEats.’”

Completely appalled by her discovery, Rachel’s very first thought was, “Who is this ‘she?’”

She went on to click the account, and she was twice as astonished when she saw that her husband’s account was full of all the recipes he cooked for her!

It was a sweet moment for Rachel, because after all, Tom’s secret IG was all about her!


It so happened that Rachel had some hormonal problems. Her doctor diagnosed her with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), where she had cysts near her ovaries. Her doctor then advised her to regulate her diet, which means she only gets to eat gluten- and dairy-free foods.

According to Rachel, her husband is a certified foodie. He’s been passionate about cooking, and when they learned about her condition, Tom just went full force into it.

He would cook for Rachel all kinds of food to help her regulate her hormones, aka foods that “keep her happy,” as Tom puts it.

His Instagram account served as a repository of all the recipes he made for her, which are all combinations of recipes he found online, adding a little bit of his own style.

“I have all these recipes everywhere,” said Tom. “An Instagram page just seemed like an easy place to organize them. It was for when Rachael would say, ‘Hey, what was that meal you made here,’ or when friends would ask what Rachael posted on her Instagram and ask for the recipe.”

While most men remain clueless when it comes with the “girl thing,” Tom really stands out as according to Rachel, he knows more about menstrual cycles than even most women do!

With Tom’s commitment to helping Rachel correct her hormonal issues, results have been positive by far, Rachel being six months regulated now.


The couple cannot wait that they finally get pregnant and for sure, Tom will be an absolutely, perfect daddy then!

“I literally love this man so much,” Rachel said at the end of her TikTok video. It has now gone viral, along with Tom’s secret IG.

Source: TODAY