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With A Little Methadone, Dog Brought For Claw Fix Was Transported To Another World [Video]



  • A dog brought in for a broken claw was given Methadone as a sedative.
  • A video of the dog’s dazed reaction to the drug has made its viewers LOL.
  • So far, the video has reached 2.9 million views and comments joking on his being transformed to another world.

Nico, a 2-year-old Australian shepherd, was discovered to have a broken claw by his groomers. According to his owner, Scott Brookshire of Brooklyn, New York, Nico did not yelp or cry or appeared to be in pain. But when they tried to remove the claw, Nico started yelping and was clearly in pain.

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As it was an hour before closing, the vet already had no available appointments and 9:25 the next morning would be the earliest.  And so, they brought him there where he was given a low dose of methadone.  The synthetic opioid is used for treating chronic pain and to sedate animals for treatment.

Scott recalled, “The effects kicked in immediately.” Scott added, “They let me wait with him in the room while it kicked in, and that’s when I noticed he was completely gone. It’s almost like he was transported to another world.”

Scott continued that he could tell Nico was happy as he’s super expressive. He was very cooperative when the vet removed the claw fragment. Did not cry and they were out of the vet’s clinic in no time at all.

Photo Credit: @boyfriendatthetime (TikTok)

Scott had to carry Nico home where he passed out on his bed and slept.

The video posted by Scott showed Nico looking pretty out of it after the Methadone took effect. And it has already been viewed 2.9 million times and the comments on the dog’s reaction are downright funny.  

One commenter joked: “He’s about to be smelling sounds he never tasted before,” which another user added with: “Your lamp is leaning.” while a vet nurse wrote: “As a Vet Nurse, we take our patient’s pain very seriously. But it does make for slightly funny viewing when it hits them.”

Photo Credit: @boyfriendatthetime (TikTok)

Nail breaks commonly occur but can be very painful for the dogs especially if the break occurs at the quick where the nerves are.  It is also attached to the bone so an infection can spread quickly and cause danger to the dog or cat or any animal with a nail break.

Only licensed veterinary professionals should handle and medicate drugs such as methadone to dogs, cats and other pets.

It is good to know that its effect lasts only for a short period. As Scott said, “Within a few hours, he was back to normal hiding our socks around the house.”

Source: Newsweek