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Woman Battling Cancer Finds A Special Suit For Her Service Dog So They Could Be Together During Chemo



  • Ever since Sydnee met her service dog Tulsa, they have been inseparable.
  • Although Tulsa is still learning how to become an effective therapy dog, she has already been a great help to Sydnee.
  • She can detect even before Sydnee would faint and places a paw on her leg to alert her and give her time to react.

Sydnee Geril and her service dog Tulsa have been inseparable since they met and the 25-year-old just can’t imagine living life without the pup by her side.

Sydnee, who lives in Ocala, Florida, was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in October 2017.  She underwent treatment but it was difficult because of her fear with needles and often faints. Luckily, Tulsa was there for her and it took nine months of chemotherapy before she went into remission.

Photo Credit: @servicedogtulsa (Instagram)

During the time when she was in the hospital, she discovered how the therapy dogs made her feel happy every time they visit. So she decided to adopt one for herself and meeting Tulsa for the first time was one of the happiest moments in her life!

Eight months after the remission, the cancer returned, and that’s when she decided to train Tulsa and become a service dog. 

Photo Credit: @servicedogtulsa (Instagram)

Tulsa is just a 2-year-old pup and although she is still learning to become an effective therapy dog, she has already done a huge help to Sydnee! The pup can even detect if Sydnee is about to faint and places a paw on her leg to remind her. Because of that, Sydnee gets to react at least 10 to 30 minutes.

“It’s huge; it’s given me my freedom back greatly,” Sydnee told Today. “I can go out by myself now.”

Photo Credit: @servicedogtulsa (Instagram)

But then, COVID-19 broke out and she had to stop tagging Tulsa along at the Moffitt Cancer Center for her appointments. She can’t risk contracting the virus from her fur especially that her immune system is compromised.

With the pup’s absence, it has taken a toll on Sydnee’s health, physically and mentally. She misses her so much and started using a wheelchair because she won’t know when she’d pass out. She didn’t have Tulsa to tell her that.

Photo Credit: @servicedogtulsa (Instagram)

Fortunately, in May, she found a product that, although it was not created to fight COVID-19 particularly, it deemed to be the best solution for her situation — it’s the Shed Defender, a covering for dogs to control shedding of fur!

Now, she could have Tulsa by her side all the time and the pup is rocking her new outfit! 

“I’m so happy to have her back,” Sydnee said. “I honestly did not realize how big of an impact she had until I didn’t have her.”

Get well soon Sydnee and we are happy that you have Tulsa back! 

Source: Inspire More