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Woman Finds An Abandoned Backpack With “Someone” Inside



  • An affectionate cat with a bad cold and one bad eye was found inside a bookbag in the Bronx.
  • The rescuer brought her to a shelter where she received proper medical care and attention.
  • She has been given the name Pixie and has now been adopted into a family where her new cat sibling also had one eye.

Walking through a Bronx neighborhood, a woman sees two tiny gray ears poking out of a bag left in a backpack.

As she opened the bag, out came a cat with one eye in bad condition and was suffering from a cold. The cat was friendly and the woman did not waste time in bringing the poor cat to the rescue organization, Little Wanderers, so the cat could get the proper care that it needed.

Photo Credit: Lisa Scroggins

Lisa Scroggins, co-founder of Little Wanderers said, “It’s unusual that a super friendly stray cat would be outside in a bookbag.”

Scroggins added that the cat, who they named Pixie, was playful, cuddle and was a purr machine. “She’s a sugar-love-muffin-doll-face,”

Photo Credit: @phantom.strudel.pixie (Instagram)

Under the care of the organization, Pixie received primary vet care from the Feline Veterinary Medical Center and had her eye treated by The Animal Medical Center.

Getting out of the bag, being treated and cared for are not the only good things that happened to Pixie, she has also been adopted to a new family where she belonged.  She also gained a cat sibling who also has one eye like her!  She can leave her bad past behind her and look forward to the future.

Photo Credit: @phantom.strudel.pixie (Instagram)

What a joy it is that Pixie is now loved and accepted. Scroggins said, “It was meant to be. It was the perfect happy ending.”

Don’t lose hope, there’s a miracle waiting for you yet. Pixie is proof of that— Out a book bag, into a happy life.

Source: The Dodo