Woman reminds people to ‘adopt don’t shop’ in this touching video

  • One TikTok user is reminding people to consider adopting dogs from shelters.
  • According to the woman, puppies in shelters will be euthanized unless someone adopts them.
  • In one video, the woman shared how she adopted one dog the same day it was supposed to be put down.

As much as some people want a certain, purebred puppy to bring into their households, we occasionally need to be reminded that many puppies in animal shelters need loving homes. And until someone comes along to save them, some of those sad shelter puppies will be euthanized. As a result, TikTok user @aylawoodruff_ shared a video that serves as a lesson to us all: adopt, don’t shop!

@aylawoodruff_ This is your sign to pls adopt 🥺❤️ #adopt #dogs #fyp ♬ Married Life (From "Up") – Sergy el Som

In a recent TikTok video, she revealed that she was on her way to the shelter to provide dog beds when one dog caught her eye. She couldn’t go without him, — particularly since he was supposed to be euthanized that day.

“He was hit by a car and apparently no one wanted him,” read the text on the video. 

She and her husband rose to the occasion and took this wonderful dog home with them. Your heart will melt when you see the dog’s happiness to going home. It was an obvious match for this family! He knew right away that these were his people, and the rest of his life would be filled with love. His body language clearly indicated this.

His tail is wagging in every single video!

One commenter, @Ashley wrote, “You literally saved his life and he loves you so much already 😭❤️ Thank you for saving him and for making me cry.” 

His new family has been wonderful to him. He’s eating outside, getting combed, and receiving pup cups and cuddles all the time. He’ll be eternally grateful to his people. They haven’t given this good kid a name yet, but we’ll be waiting!

We hope this serves as a good reminder to adopt rather than shop. In this video, she even said that he was only $1.50. Is that it? A small amount of money can go a long way toward saving an animal’s life.

Source: Pet Helpful

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Patrick Gilmore

I have a male, mixed-Breed, rescue, ~ 40 Lbs who has been my constant companion since Ginny bought him home a million or so years ago (Back when she still worked for our Humane Society).
Every morning I check my pockets for a hamburgher patty, a sausage, a chicken leg. Nope, nothing but lint.
But there’s Eddie. Fresh as a fellow-geezer can be after spending the night at the foot of my bed. His sleep was interrupted by my usual multiple potty calls that are the plague of my accumulated years. He’s a light sleeper, ready to defend me against unwelcome intrustion by people I wouldn’t want to meet, even in the daytime.
We’re both seriously Seniors, each having survived a near-miss with that old guy wearing a sheet and carrying a scythe. We share the joys of advancing arthritis, failing vision, failed hearing, and memory. . . as well as an ever-present bewildered expression (What the hell just happened?).
Every morning I wake up (surprise – surprise) and look over the end of my bed apprehensively to assure myself that Eddie is still on the job.
Realistically. I’ve been to just about everywhere I wanted to go ( and a couple of places I’d just as soon have missed), done about everything I wanted to do (I’m taking the fifth at this point,) and had adventures that even Tom Sawyer would have envied.
Actuarially, I’ve beaten the odds. Think about this: Our baby will go on Social Security later this year. Ain’t that a hoot!
I don’t want to outlive Eddie. I remember the one occasion when I damn near didn’t and I remember his reaction when he discovered, after several weeks, that I was still alive. Who’d want to leave a friend like that?
I look forward to not leaving Eddie alone and to my arrival at The Rainbow Bridge.