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Woman reunited with sentimental wedding dress thanks to social media plea



What You Need To Know!

  • A woman in southern Ontario lost her wedding dress, which had sentimental value as it was bought by her late mother.
  • The dress was accidentally donated by the woman’s father to a thrift store, and the woman was devastated by the loss.
  • After making a social media plea, the woman was reunited with her dress thanks to a volunteer at the thrift store.

Tanya Walsh, a woman from southern Ontario, was devastated when her wedding dress, which held special sentimental value, was accidentally donated to a thrift store by her father.

The dress was purchased by her late mother and was meant to serve as an heirloom for Walsh’s own children.

After calling all the local stores with no luck, Walsh turned to social media, where her post was shared over 1,500 times.

Two days later, a volunteer named Sheila at the St. Vincent de Paul store where the dress was donated found it in storage in the basement, and Walsh was ecstatic to be reunited with it.