Woman Who Wanted A Dog Gets A 22-Pound Bunny That Has A Dog Personality

  • When Danielle cannot have a dog because of their lifestyle, her boyfriend suggested getting a bunny.
  • The Flemish giant bunny weighs 22 lbs, is as big as a medium-sized dog and even exhibits qualities of a dog like going out for a walk.
  • Guus the bunny is a cuddly and affectionate pet that has become his momโ€™s dear friend.

Danielle grew up with dogs.  So when she and her boyfriend thought of getting a pet, the first thing on their mind was a dog.  But their dynamic life would not be ideal for a dog and so her boyfriend thought of a house bunny, instead.

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She said, โ€œBesides, I thought that bunnies would not be affectionate or cuddly at all, but we still wanted to give it a try. And so Guus came into our lives.โ€

Guus, who is a Flemish giant, had a 2-3-week potty training while the new parents also learned how to clean his toilet twice a week.  They also studied how to brush his fluff properly and what kind of play works for him.

And in time, Guus also proved to be a 22-lb cuddle bug who acts like a dog. 

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The moment Danielle opens the door, Guus runs to the back of the house to go outside.  When heโ€™s done with his business outside, he comes in for snacks and cuddles.  He even jumps on the couch to sit with his mom.

And you know how dogs would beg for attention?  Guus does the same by head-rubbing his parents.  Lastly, he loves going out for walks.  He chases cats, too!  But overall, he is such a sweet bunny that people who see him for the first time are amazed at his size and friendly behavior.

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Gabrielle said, โ€œItโ€™s easy for kids, adults but also dogs and cats to be around him. He has such a good personality.โ€

When he first came, he was kept in a cage but he now freely roams in the house.  He has also followed a schedule that consists of having vegetables in the morning, following his mom in the kitchen and demanding for another helping of food when his parents sit down to eat.

Guus does not want to miss out on having his parents and him eating together.

And for Gabrielle who never expected such behavior from a bunny, Guus has turned out to be not just a cute, little teddy bear but a blessing that has become a dear friend to her.

We wish you more years of a long and loving relationship.

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