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Worth the wait: 94-year-olds find love in the time of corona



  • John Shults and Joy Morrow-Nulton fell in love during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • John proposed to Joy several times, but Joy was a bit unsure of remarrying after being widowed twice.
  • In the end, the two got married after having to wait for a year, when it was already safe.

“She was worth it.”

These were the words of John Shults in describing her now wife, Joy Morrow-Nulton, after waiting for over a year to get married amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Both 94 years old and have been widowed twice, the New York-based couple leveraged these as their edge in making the relationship work from the very beginning.

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, John and Joy found ways to keep the love burning, despite many pandemic-imposed restrictions. To ensure their safety, they devised a “bubble” in their respective homes, and got a bit more creative on spending time together.

“They’d find a way to get together. They did whatever it took,” Pete, John’s son, shared. “Not only did they speak on the phone every single day, but they also went on dates like taking a long drive to nowhere and batting balloons back and forth — from a safe distance, of course!”

Photo Credit: CBS Evening News/YouTube

Although John admitted that they also had some not-so-good times along the way, he was certain that Joy is the one for him. Apparently, Joy wasn’t sure about remarrying, but after many marriage proposals from John, she finally agreed, on one condition: She will marry him once things are safe!

“It was a pain in the neck,” John shared in complete amusement.

According to John, he fell head over heels with Joy because “she’s wonderful, cute, and smart.”


It was when the COVID-19 vaccines became available that signaled their happily ever after.

Photo Credit: David Vincent/Facebook

John and Joy, who were so keen on their health and safety, got their vaccine shots immediately. They wasted no time because they were both excited to live their lives together, worry-free.

Photo Credit: CBS Evening News/YouTube

“It was emotional because we’ve been so careful around them, and just how important it is to get the vaccine, and you know what it means to everyone surrounding them as well,” Emily Loughran, John’s granddaughter, said.

Now that they are married, there’s no stopping them in enjoying their lives to the fullest — corona and all!

Source: Inspire More