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Young Kids Raise Funds For Health Care Workers, End Up Receiving More To Support Their Incredible Cause



  • Ella, 12, and her brother Cameron, 10, from Suffolk, England wanted to do their part and help the people on the front lines who are working hard in the middle of the pandemic.
  • So they came up with the idea to raise funds and get donations of goods so they can fill bags of goodies that they can give to first responders and health care workers.
  • Their initial goal was only a small amount but as the word of their incredible cause spread out, many others including companies, have been coming forward to donate.

The current health crisis has truly brought forth the goodness in people—even kids. 

Just like Ella, 12, and her brother Cameron, 10, from Suffolk, England. When the kids heard their father Scott and his company was giving PPE to a nurse, they immediately wanted to do their part and help as well.

So they told their mom and dad of their idea to help and raise funds for the National Health Service.

Photo Credit: Emma Fisher

“Ella felt we could do more, and she had the idea of filling shoe boxes with special treats and handing them out at hospitals,” their mom, Emma Fisher said. “Then Cameron came up with the idea of reusable tote bags.”

They set up a GoFundMe page with the goal to raise £250 and make 10 goody bags. But their fundraising campaign became a hit and they have collected £1,243 or about $1,500 donation. Moreover, many local businesses have also come forward to donate in-cash or in-kind for their cause.

Soon enough, they have amassed a great number of goodies for the frontliners and the health care workers.

Photo Credit: Emma Fisher

The kids have already filled 350 bags of goodies and dropped them off for different organizations on the front lines such as a mobile chemotherapy unit, the Newmarket ambulance station, and many more.

As the news of their incredible cause has spread, many companies are inspired to donate more.

We certainly can learn a lot from these kids! Great job Ella and Cameron!


Source: Inspire More