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15 Cats Getting Hilariously Shamed By Their Owners



  • Cats can get really naughty, but that just seems to be the way they are.
  • They watch over us slyly, tip over fragile stuff, destroy furniture, and sit and step on anything!
  • Take a look at 15 cats being shamed hilariously after they did the typical things cats do.

Cats just seem to get a kick out of annoying their humans. They make a mess, make noise in the middle of the night, and even destroy furniture. Some of their humans have had enough, so they made sure they were shamed for whatever they did wrong.

1. “I like to watch people using the toilet.”

typical-36057.jpg (900×1168)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

For animals that hate water, they spend a lot of time with their owners in the bathroom. There’s just something about the flush that mesmerizes them.

2. “I peed on the hamster.”

hamster-44872.jpg (880×1178)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Just your typical sibling rivalry.

3. “I fart on mommy’s face when she’s lying on the couch and then run away.”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This sounds like something a guy in the house would do. Boys will be boys.

4. “I jumped into the fish tank.”

tank-30977.jpg (880×660)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

It’s probably not a good idea to keep a pet fish when you already have a cat around the house.

5. “I performed cat opera for the house at 4:30 a.m.!”

csm-23-28506.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cat owners are no strangers to this phenomenon.

6. “I pretend to comfort sick humans so I can steal their tissues and shred them up.”

csm-29-70542.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cats just love shredding stuff, and tissue does shred easily.

7. “I stepped on the keyboard & moved the ENTIRE desktop to the trash…”

csm-31-93513.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

What is it with cats and computers?

8. “Mama couldn’t put out her Christmas village this year because I ate all the villagers.”

csm-33-40382.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cat parents know the struggle of trying to put up Christmas decorations only to give up.

9. “I drink from the toilet! Like a dog.”

csm-34-30100.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

This cat’s owner managed to shame their cat while also throwing shade at dogs.

10. “I stood on the apple pie to get to the chicken.”

csm-36-65518.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Yep, cats step on anything. Nothing is sacred.

11. “I ate Mom’s 10-page thesis 20 minutes before it was due.”

csm-37-98315.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

At least this cat’s human can confidently say their cat ate their homework.

12. “I do this every day.”

badcat-44-42979.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

What do cats even search for in their human’s trash?

13. “I watched a mouse eat my food and did nothing.”

catshame4-36891.jpg (900×600)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Cats are not the once-mighty mice hunters they used to be.

14. “I pretend to like visitors, but when they reach down to pet me, I bite them!”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It’s a trap!

15. “I bit my owner on the rear while she was bending to clean my litter box.”

badcat-45-57303.jpg (600×450)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Now that paints a hilarious picture!

These cats’ owners have clearly expressed their annoyance through cat shaming. But we all know that they love their cats despite it all.

Cats may be evil incarnate, but it’s just so hard to stay mad at these cute furry babies!

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