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15 Hilarious Photos of Cats Being Messy Eaters



  • Cats may have the ability to easily clean up after themselves, but they can still get messy sometimes.
  • Little kittens are prone to accidents when eating, but sometimes, the adults also forget themselves when having a good meal!
  • They probably regretted it after getting taken away for a bath, though.

Cats can easily clean up after themselves, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to being messy.

Sometimes they just get so tempted by food that they decide to dive head-first into them!

Little kittens are prone to such accidents, but every once in a while, the adults also forget themselves when chowing down a good meal!

Take a look at 15 hilarious photos of cats being messy eaters.

1. Aww, he somehow looks like he’s sorry. It turns out that it’s “his first attempt at eating from a dish.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. We can’t stop laughing, too! Who knew that red lipstick can also look good on cats?

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. He thoroughly enjoyed your spaghetti, thank you very much!

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Little kittens have a tendency to eat with their whole face.

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. This little kitty might be drunk!

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. He looks like he knows what’s coming: a bath.

Photo Credit: Reddit

7“What? You can’t share your food?”

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. He looks like he regretted diving in.

Photo Credit: Instagram

9. It looks like he put his entire face in the tiny yogurt container!

Photo Credit: Reddit

10. Even adults can’t help themselves when there’s good chow.

Photo Credit: Instagram

11. Hmm, we wonder who ate the spaghetti?

Photo Credit: Reddit

12. “If I fits, I sits and eats.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

13. Don’t stop him — he clearly wants more!

Photo Credit: Twitter

14. This kitty could enter in a mustache competition!

messy eater
Photo Credit: Imgur

15. “Happy birthday to me! *munch munch*”

Photo Credit: Twitter

They probably regretted it after they got taken away for a bath. But there’s no denying that they thoroughly enjoyed that meal!

How can cats look so adorable even when messy?

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