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20-Year-Old Terrier Mix Has Found Her Lifetime Partner In A Stuffed Banana Toy



  • Tessa, a terrier mix, is already 20 years old and has a hearing problem due to old age.
  • But she is still as protective as she has always been especially when it’s her precious stuffed banana toy we’re talking about.
  • Whenever they have a new visitor, she would always show it off proudly until they acknowledge it and pay homage to it.

Tessa is 20 years old now but she is still just as protective as she has always been.

Her most favorite thing in the whole world is her toy banana. To others, they may see the toy as just an ordinary plush toy made of yellow fabric—okay it’s a little cute—but to Tessa, it is very special, nothing compares. And she makes it a point that everybody knows that and acknowledges how special it actually is. 

Photo Credit: Shanna Loren

Shanna Loren, the terrier mix’s mom, got her the stuffed banana toy five years ago when her then-favorite toy was destroyed by a foster dog.

“I found it in a clearance bin at a pet store but I knew it was the size of toys she likes,” Shanna told The Dodo. “She immediately took to the banana the moment I gave it to her.”  

Now, whenever they have a guest, Tessa would always show off her stuffed banana, waiting for the newcomer to pay some sort of respect to her priceless toy.

“She wants people to acknowledge it before she will go put it down,” Shanna said. “And when she puts it down, she puts it in whatever bed she considers best.” 

Photo Credit: Shanna Loren

Even with old age and hearing loss, Tessa still stays proud and protective of her banana. “We instruct guests to tell her that they saw her banana so she can go lay back down,” Shanna said. “It’s funny now that she’s deaf to have our friends yelling at her, ‘I LIKE YOUR BANANA, TESSA!’”

For Tessa, she has found her partner in life and they will be together forever no matter what.

“She’s never once allowed it to be a ‘play toy,’” Shanna said. “It’s her one little possession and it’s her life.”

Source: The Dodo