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3-Year-Old Wrote A Song About ‘Dinosaurs In Love’ [Video]



  • A musician’s youngest daughter Fenn wandered into his recording studio and asked his father to write a song together.
  • When Tom Rosenthal asked Fenn what it’s about, she replied, “Dinosaurs!”
  • What Tom never expected was how her daughter’s simple but very touching song would blow up the internet world!

Tom Rosenthal, a musician based in London, never thought his youngest daughter Fenn would make a song that would become viral.

When Fenn walked into his recording studio one day, she asked her dad if they could write a song together. Tom didn’t have any idea it would be about dinosaurs.

But then the 3-year-old started singing her “Dinosaurs in Love” song, and in a minute of pure magic, the listeners are transported into a prehistoric Dino love affair, having parties, eating fruits and cucumbers.

The 33-year-old English singer and songwriter recalled to ABC News how often his daughters, Bess, 6, and Fenn, 3, write songs together and sing them whenever they visit his studio. 

“Fenn has written quite a few songs,” he said. “Fenn and Bess make up the words and I’m just kind of helping them construct a song as they go along. But, this time, it was just me and the little one.”

When she asked Fenn what song would she write about that particular day, she replied quickly, “Dinosaurs!”

Photo Credit: Tom Rosenthal

“She just started singing about Dinosaurs. It comes out in little bits. She’ll take a break and then come back — she just needs a point in the right direction. I’ll ask her, ‘what might happen next?’ And the words just come straight from her head. I had no idea she knew about dinosaurs, but I know her sister tells her stuff, and she’s a bright little kid.”

Fenn’s beautiful short song started happy, talking about parties and what the dinos eat. But then it takes a turn to a sad bridge down to the heart-wrenching outro. 

The video got instantly viral on Twitter with 2.4 million views and more than 35,000 retweets. Even London’s Natural History Museum retweeted it saying, “We’re not crying, you’re crying.”

Spotify was also very interested in it and asked if the cute little artist has decided when is the official release of her song. 


“A big bang came and they died. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs fell in love but they didn’t say goodbye. But they didn’t say goodbye,” the end part of the song says.

One commenter said: “The end hit me like a meteor.”

We feel the same.

Here’s Jimmy Fallon’s version of the song.

And here’s the lyrics:

Dinosaurs eating people. Dinosaurs in love /
Dinosaurs having a party. They eat fruit and cucumber /
They fell in love. They say ‘thank you’/
A big bang came and they died /
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, fell in love /
But they didn’t say goodbye /
But they didn’t say goodbye

Source: Good Morning America