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4-Year Old Cancer Fighter Gets A Visit From Firefighters and Captain America



  • A surprise visit from Captain America and his favorite firefighters, made the day of cancer patient Nolan Turner.
  • Because of COVID-19 restrictions, there is a limited number of visitors that Nolan can receive at the hospital.
  • Firefighters and rescuers assembled at the hospital with some on a cherry picker reaching his 4th floor room to cheer him up.

Nolan Turner, 4, dreams of becoming a firefighter. His father, Levin Turner is a 14-year firefighter with the Portsmouth Fire Rescue.  He is Nolan’s inspiration.

In September 2019, Nolan was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. Being in and out of Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk has taken a toll on his normally buoyant spirits.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Seeing his son down, Levin and his fellow firefighters at Portsmouth Fire Rescue teamed up with neighboring crews at Norfolk Fire, and thought of lifting Nolan’s spirit up.

Following hospital restrictions on visitors, the first responders showed up at the hospital on a cherry picker to reach Nolan’s room on the fifth floor.  They had handmade signs to encourage Noah and even brought along, Captain America!

Photo Credit: Facebook

The very surprised Noah could not believe what he was seeing as his favorite firefighters and Captain America cheered him on from outside his window.  It really lifted Nolan’s spirits up and put a smile on his face that was priceless.

The equally moved Dad said, “COVID has made this whole process difficult, you can only have a limited number of visitors. So only mom and dad can come see him. It’s nice to see different faces and nice to see the amount of support and all the people who really care about Nolan.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

The surprise and loving gesture from his fellow firefighters also made Levin grateful that he is part of their firefighting family.  It was what they needed not only to lift Nolan’s spirits but the whole family as well.

Levin said, “I’ve been in the department for 14 years, and they’ve always talked about a brotherhood and a family. Since I’ve been through this, I’ve never felt more than a family unit. It’s been truly amazing.”

Photo Credit: WKYC

Well done, you amazing firefighters and rescue teams! 

Source: Inspire More