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5-Year-Old Spent Years Of Therapy Then Takes His First Independent Steps! [Video]



  • Camden was diagnosed with progressive cerebellar atrophy when he was only over a year old.
  • Since then he has been going through therapies and he works hard to overcome his condition.
  • Recently he was able to take his first independent steps and his family was so proud!

It is always a great joy to witness your child’s success after seeing how much hard work he exerts to reach new milestones in his life!

Mandy and Kevin Hanso from Georgia were very proud of their 5-year-old son, Camden. He was only over a year old when his parents noticed there was something wrong with the way he walked. So they took him to a doctor and he was diagnosed with progressive cerebellar atrophy — a rare genetic condition that affects motor skills and speech.

Photo Credit: Mandy Hanson

Since then, Camden has been undergoing physical, speech, and occupational therapy sessions about 10 times each week. In spite of all his efforts, he still struggled and his condition continues to become worse.

But Camden is brave and he is strong-willed! Mandy recalled to Today show how he would only grunt sound two years ago, but now, he can speak complete sentences. 

Photo Credit: Mandy Hanson

He was determined to overcome his condition and recently he took his first steps! Mandy was so proud of her son! She took a video of his great milestone and shared it on Twitter which warmed many hearts!

“My youngest son (age 5) has progressive cerebellar atrophy and is physically handicapped,” she said in the caption. “He also has 10 therapies a week. Today, he finally took independent steps!”

In the video, Camden takes a few steps before sitting in a chair and giving his mom a look of triumph in his grinning face! He was so happy and so were the rest of their family!

Mandy hopes that “Camden’s story spreads a message of hope and inclusion while serving as inspiration to millions of families around the world who are struggling with the challenges of raising a special needs child.”

You are absolutely awesome Camden! Congratulations!

Source: Inspire More