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7-year-old girl battling with multiple health conditions is the newest social media icon



  • Isabella Thompson, a seven-year-old girl from Canada, was born with Hirschsprung’s disease, severe immunodeficiency, and a form of dwarfism.
  • So far, she has had 21 surgeries.
  • Despite the medical challenges, little Bella bounces back and continues to spark joy to people around her, including her social media followers.

If this little girl won’t inspire you, we’re not sure what will.

Isabella Thompson, seven years old, has been spending most of her life in hospital. She was born with Hirschsprung’s disease, severe immunodeficiency, and a form of dwarfism.

Throughout her young years, Bella has had 21 surgeries so far, including a bone marrow transplant and an upcoming bowel transplant.

Despite all these, the brave little girl has been “very resilient all on her own.”

Her mom Kyla Thompson, of Swift Current, Canada, told Good Morning America that despite going through so many medical hardships, Bella bounces back. Seeing how her daughter deals with it positively pushes her to do just the same.

What makes the situation even more challenging is Bella’s monthly visit at Cypress Regional Hospital in Swift Current for her SCID infusion therapy. Kyla documents and shares Bella’s medication journey, and millions of people on Instagram and Tiktok are amazed by her sparkling personality.

“It just blows people away,” Kyla said, who is also a mom to two-year-old Waylon. “I realized that she is just happy and bubbly and outgoing no matter the amount of surgeries … she’s so well-spoken and will talk to you like she’s your best friend the moment she meets you.”

Photo Credit: Kyla Thompson/GMA

In one of her recent videos shared on January 29, Bella is seen dancing to a popular ‘Trolls’ song, leaving about four million views, and tons of warm messages and well wishes for Bella.

Kyla proudly shared how much her daughter has been sparking joy to others. “A lot of adults are like, ‘If I have a bad day, I’m stressed out’ or ‘I’m going through a similar medical scenario and Bella gives me a joy. It’s exactly what I hoped for — to give people a sense of hope.”

Dr. Billie Au, a clinical geneticist at Alberta Children’s Hospital who’s worked with Bella, told GMA that it’s rare that Bella has the three conditions, which however are all due to the same genetic cause.


“Cognitively, she’s a very smart kid,” Billie said. “She goes to school. None of this affects her brain at all. I’ve always been really impressed at how Isabella and her family [are] happy and adjusted… despite of what she’s had to go through.”

In her second grade, Bella is learning remotely. Her condition has never been a hindrance for her to enjoy what she loves doing — singing, dancing, Legos, hiking, playing in the snow and reading comments from her many followers.

Keep leaving a little sparkle wherever you go, our brave Bella!

Source: GMA