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8-year-old With Down Syndrome Tells His Dad, “I’m proud of you” [Video]



  • Ryan has Down syndrome and has been sick when he was growing up so he has skipped many things he needed to learn.
  • That’s why his parents work hard to teach him many skills now that he has recovered from illnesses.
  • In a video where he and his dad were practicing skipping, it ended in a sweet hug with Ryan telling his dad he is so proud of him.

Aside from being born with Down syndrome, Ryan Senneff also experienced a number of illnesses growing up. His parents had to make difficult decisions because they had to prioritize his health more than anything else.

“We dropped the ball on mastering some bilateral coordination skills years ago because the plateaus were endless while triaging acute illnesses,” says his mom Maura.

Fortunately, the 8-year-old was also born naturally strong and brave and he tried to live his best life making progress one step at a time.

He is cheerful and he loves going out with his loved ones. Recently, Mura shared a video of him on Facebook as he and his dad were practicing skipping down the street in their neighborhood.

The couple have been working hard to keep Ryan at pace in learning many things he has skipped when he was sick.

“These bilateral skills using the left and right sides of the brain will help with writing, all sports and ball skills, tying shoes, confidence, social skills, language, etc.,” Maura said.

Photo Credit: Maura Kaveney Senneff

As the father and son hopped down the driveway together with smiles on their faces, his mom was cheering on the background holding the camera and recording the precious moment.

“Even late, it’s still progress,” she said in the post. “Sometimes the little victories are the biggest.”

Photo Credit: Maura Kaveney Senneff

After their exercise, the sweet little boy gave his father a hug and told him, “I’m proud of you, Dad!”

Mura thought she just misheard him so she asked, “You’re proud of yourself?” But Ryan insisted, “No, I’m proud of Dad!”

Then dad replied: “I am proud of you too!” 

It was just so heartwarming to see!

Source: Inspire More