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Abandoned Dog Caught In The Middle Of Traffic — Afraid And Confused — Until A Stranger Came To Her Rescue



  • The first time Lionel Vytialingam met Siggy she was caught in the middle of traffic with a note around her neck.
  • He rescued her immediately and learned that her owner abandoned her.
  • Siggy warmed up to her immediately but she has not gotten along with his other dog that’s why Lionel decided to let his brother adopt Siggy instead.

Last month, Lionel Vytialingam was doing some groceries when the sound of blaring horns prompted his attention.

When he turned to see what was happening, he saw a dog caught in the middle of traffic. In fear for the little animal’s welfare, he got into his car and followed the pup down the street.

“She had no idea what she was doing or where she was going,” Lionel told The Dodo. “There were cars and bikes going along the street and she was walking right into them like she thought they were family.”

Photo Credit: Lionel Vytialingam

Lionel saw how confused the little pup was and when he was able to pull over, the matted dog noticed his effort to rescue her and went into his welcoming arms. That’s when Lionel noticed a note attached into a rubber band around her neck.

“I’d never come across a flimsy paper note tied around a dog’s neck that way,” Lionel said. “I hoped it would be some form of contact information — some way for me to get the little dog back to some home that was looking anxiously for her.”

But far from what he hoped, the note was heartbreaking. It says, her name was Siggy and that her owner can’t take care of her anymore and chose to abandon her.

Photo Credit: Lionel Vytialingam

“I broke down in tears,” Lionel posted on Facebook. “Probably wasn’t a good sight for all the passing vehicles.”

Lionel did not hesitate to take the poor dog home. He then let her warm up to him first and once she did, she won’t let him out of her sight.

Photo Credit: Lionel Vytialingam

“She was the gentlest, most loving little dog I had ever seen,” Lionel said. “She began inching closer to me, maintaining strong eye contact and allowing me to hold her close to me. I was surprised by how easy it was to get her into my arms and into the bathroom for a warm shower that first night.”

Since her rescue, Siggy has never stopped showing Lionel how grateful she was. She would sit near him and nibble on his fingers, tug his shirt, or sleep in calmness. 

But Siggy and Lionel’s other rescue dog Sammo wouldn’t get along well. Fortunately, he found a solution after talking to his brother. 

Photo Credit: Lionel Vytialingam

“He’ll be taking her in as soon as the COVID-19 Movement Control Order here in Malaysia ends,” Lionel said.​​​​​ “It’s really the perfect match between them because they share some personality traits.” 

Lionel wants people to understand through his story that when options have run out to keep their pets, there are animal shelters and rescue groups they can seek for help.


Source: The Dodo