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Abandoned Dog Found Tied On Animal Shelter’s Front Gate Anxiously Waiting To Be Rescued



  • Misty was found by staff members tied to the animal shelter’s gate on Sunday morning.
  • She was unhealthy, has clearly suffered a lot, and was abandoned.
  • Now, she is recovering fully inside the warmth of the shelter and once she is fully healed, she will soon be in search of her forever home.

On Wednesday morning,  some RSPCA Woodside Animal Center staff members were dumbfounded to see a dog tied to the shelter’s front gate upon arriving at work. She could’ve been there for quite a while and she was very anxious to be rescued—obviously she has stayed there waiting patiently.

Photo Credit: RSPCA

“She was stood with her head pushed through the bars of the gate, her ears back with these big, brown puppy dog eyes,” a staff at the RSPCA Woodside Animal Center said in a statement. 

The sweet pup, later named Misty, was shockingly thin with her ribs visible against her skin. She also suffers from skin infection and has some cuts on her nose. Clearly, she has lived a rough life, and everyone was glad she’s finally in their safe hands.

“She must be so confused and disorientated,” the staff said.  

When they checked on Misty further, they learned she was microchipped but was rehomed a few years ago and now ended up abandoned and alone.

Photo Credit: RSPCA

Worse things could’ve happened to her while she was left alone outside. Now that she is safe inside the warmth of the shelter, they hope to find where the poor dog came from.

“We’re now hoping the public may be able to help with our investigation,” Karl Marston, an inspector with the RSPCA, said in a press statement.

Misty is currently recovering from the bad things that had happened to her. Once she is fully healed, she’ll then be in search of her forever home and the shelter will make sure she will never get abandoned again.

Source: The Dodo