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Actor Ryan Reynolds hires BIPOC for film



  • Reynolds announced in an Instagram video that he has formed the Group Effort Initiative that would hire BIPOC to train in his new film.
  • The trainees would be “paid and housed and travelled” through his own salary
  • Reynolds says it is a long-overdue initiative but thanks Sundance and Netflix for the chance.

What the Black Lives Matter Movement has given birth to is the awareness of the plight of others like the BIPOC or Black people, Indigenous people and people of color. And Actor Ryan Reynolds has offered his own salary to finance his ‘Group Effort Initiative’ to hire BIPOCs to work on his new film.

The 43-year old actor and Deadpool star posted an Instagram video to explain the program.

“Today we’re announcing something I’m super excited about. It’s called the ‘Group Effort Initiative.’ Making a movie, well, it’s a group effort. But for entirely too long, that group has systematically excluded Black, Indigenous, people of color and a whole host of otherwise marginalized communities.”

Reynolds went on to add, “COVID willing, which is a weird thing to say, I’m going to be starting a movie this fall and I’m committing to bringing between 10 and 20 trainees from the BIPOC community and any and all other marginalized communities of all ages.”

Under the ‘Group Effort Initiative’, trainees will have real-life training experiences at the same time get  “paid and housed and traveled” out of Reynolds’ own pocket. The actor hopes that the trainees get to land jobs in the film industry and make a career of it.

Photo Credit: Ryan Reynolds

Though he says that this is long overdue, he thanks Netflix and Sundance for letting him do it. “The Group Effort Initiative is designed to invest in the talent and creativity of any and all under-represented communities who’ve felt this industry didn’t have room for their dreams. To register yourself, go to the link in my bio.”

Reynolds’ Instagram post had the hashtags #GroupEffort and #MaximumEffort and encourages those who are interested to visit the Group Effort Initiative website.

Last June, Women In Film also posted on Instagram their initiative ‘Hire Her Back’ that seeks for the film industry to rehire women with the same salary rate as men.

Reynolds’ Group Effort Initiative may not be the first in the industry to help BIPOC but it sure would help in raising awareness and support for race equality in the film industry.


Source: TODAY.Com