Adorable Foster Cat ‘Shields’ A Golden Retriever From A Bigger Cat [Video]

  • A TikTok video has opened a debate on whether cats and dogs cannot stand each other or they do.
  • In the video, a much smaller cat protects its new dog friend from a bigger feline’s possible attack.
  • Viewers find the cat’s protective stance sweet.

Dogs and cats react differently to each other.  Some peacefully coexist and stand by each other while others cannot stand the sight of each.  Different dynamics for different felines and canines.  But when they do get along, they can be thick as thieves.


Cutest thing i seen today was a smaller cat protecting a bigger dog from a big cat 😭✨😭✨

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In 2020, researchers in Italy studied cats and dogs of 1,270 pet owners who had the two species in their homes. The results show that 64 percent of cats and dogs played together at least sometimes while 58 percent slept next to each other on occasion.

And 11 percent even sleep side by side nightly.

On the other hand, 18 percent of cat and dog pairs who lived together ignored each other and only 10 percent of cats hiss at dogs and 2 percent of dogs growl or bark at cats.

Photo Credit: Newsweek

But in a video shared on TikTok by @urbaelou, a small foster cat shields its friend Goldie the dog from a potential attack by a bigger feline.

The footage has already garnered 2.2 million views.

The video shows the differences in behavior between the two species: One clearly shows dislike for the dog while the other one is ready to defend its friend.


Sm0l foster cat is really js a lover cat ✨😭✨😭

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Urbaelou described the situation as the “cutest thing” she had seen that day.  Other viewers agree like chiiiiiiiiken who said, “The way the cat protects the dog’s throat, that’s super sweet!!”

Nicholas Lim105 took note of Goldie’s “tail wag when he knows little kitty got his back” while nell8499 pointed out “the instant sigh of relief and smile when the baby stood in front of him.”

Jefferson Fas’ comment summarizes the video beautifully with, “they are gonna be the bestest siblings.”

We hope so!

Source: Newsweek

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