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After 8 Years Serving In TSA, Retiring Dog Can Now Play With 200 Tennis Balls His Handler Gave Him [Video]



  • TTirado was an excellent explosive detection canine who loves to play with tennis balls.
  • So when he retired, his handler surprised him with a massive ball party!
  • Keith bought the pup 200 balls and let him play with it as long as he wants!

TTirado was an explosive detection canine and he was not usually allowed to play like most of the dogs. His favorite toys were tennis balls, however, unlike how regular dogs normally play with them, the balls were used only as a reward whenever he did a job well. 

That is why, when TTirado retired from service after his eight-long-year loyalty, his handler thought of the best way to celebrate his retirement — that is a massive ball party!

“It’s a coveted item during their career,” the dog’s handler, Keith Gray, told The Dodo. “They know that they have to work for it to get it and that’s what keeps them going and keeps their motivation up.”

TTirado was an excellent detection canine who graduated top of his class. He passed all the tests and considered scent detection as a game he loved. 

“He was the first dog that was assigned to me and the dog I kept my entire career,” Keith said. “He’s a black Lab, so he’s a fantastic, lovable pup. He’s been such a great dog to work with and I’ve learned so much from him over the years.”

On his special day, Keith ordered 200 tennis balls from an online shop and set up TTirado’s last and final search. 

Photo Credit: Keith Gray

“We had a couple of handlers that were behind the scenes ready to drop the balls when he showed up,” Keith said. “The handlers knew what to do when the dog alerts, which is basically him coming around the corner, sniffing that bag like he’s supposed to and dropping his butt to sit down.”

As soon as TTirado found what he was searching, all 200 tennis balls suddenly dropped out of nowhere and the pup was ecstatic!

Photo Credit: Keith Gray

He then played fetch with everyone and he was clearly so happy!

Finally, the senior dog is playing with the tennis balls and enjoying them without the pressure from work. Keith also adopted him officially and they have already planned on taking a lot of trips together.

Photo Credit: Keith Gray

 “Now that he’s retired, he can have all the toys and tennis balls he wants and play around with them at home,” Keith said.

Source: The Dodo