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Dog Excited To Be Reunited With Mom After Missing For A Year



  • Gracie escaped the noise from the ongoing construction in their home through an opened door.
  • Her mom posted missing dog fliers and offered a reward but still could not find her.
  • After a year they were reunited by an animal rescuer who managed to trap her and scan her microchip.

Gracie’s mom has been looking for her all the time that she has been missing.  Reports of a black and white pitie would raise her hopes up.  But it wasn’t until after a year that she finally got Gracie back in her arms.

The reunion was sweet as Gracie’s exhausted body immediately became animated as soon as she saw her mom.

Photo Credit: Katie Campbell

As Katie Campbell, an animal rescuer who finally tracked the missing dog described the meeting, “Gracie got closer to [her mom] and the second she sniffed Kelly it was just sheer excitement. She started wiggling all over jumping up and down, circling Kelly. It was the most wonderful thing to see.”

You see, last year, Gracie went missing when a door was left open at their house.  Construction was ongoing and Gracie was fleeing from the noise.

Photo Credit: Kelly Shade

Her mom, Kelly Shade went looking for her to no avail. “We posted fliers everywhere [and] we offered a reward. She’s microchipped, but the microchip is an identifier rather than a locator.”

They were hopeful that whoever finds Gracie would bring her to a vet to scan her microchip. Until a year passed with no Gracie.

Photo Credit: Katie Campbell

Enter Campbell who got a call from her friend Polly Ellison who has been feeding a stray black and white pittie twice daily. They set out to trap the dog.

As soon as she was inside the trap, they scanned the dog for a microchip and the microchip company confirmed that it was really Gracie.

Photo Credit: Kelly Shade

Campbell then called Shade the good news and reassured her that Gracie was safe. Thus the sweet reunion.

For Shade, it was like a scene out of a movie. “You always see and hear amazing stories like this, but for it to have happened to me, it seemed a little surreal. Even now when I look at the video it’s like, ‘Wow, that actually happened. Gracie is finally home.’”

Source: The Dodo