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Amazon driver delivers lifesaving help to stranger who collapsed on driveway



  • A man fell from his vehicle after suffering from an aneurysm in his lower intestine.
  • Luckily, an amazon driver saw him as he fell from his car.
  • The amazon driver quickly jumped out of her car to save the man’s life.

Delivery drivers occasionally find themselves in situations when they need to deliver more than just packages.

On a Sunday afternoon, Amazon driver Priscilla was passing through a Graham, Washington area when she noticed a guy fall from the driver’s side of his vehicle into his driveway’s pavement. The man, Donald Crisman, was having a medical issue at the time.


Donald’s lower intestine had developed an aneurysm. He’d tried to get out of his SUV and reach the porch to ring the doorbell, but he couldn’t. His wife was in the shower at the time and was oblivious to his cries for assistance. His wife was in the shower and did not hear his cries for help.


Priscilla’s Amazon van slows down in front of their house, then stops and backs up, as captured on a security camera. Priscilla then leaped from the van and ran to help Donald. He was able to ask for his wife, and she dashed to the doorbell while dialing 911 on her phone.

Donald was rushed to the hospital for surgery to repair his digestive tract and close his abdominal incision. Donald’s daughter, Maddie Crisman, uploaded a video of Priscilla’s actions that day, praising her for helping save her father’s life.


The internet quickly worked its magic, and Donald’s family was able to contact Priscilla to thank her for saving his life. Maddie kept everyone up to date on his recovery after his operation.

She wrote:

“They took him off the vent yesterday. He’s a bit confused and pretty agitated (as we all knew he would be) but my mom and I both were able to hear him say I love you and talk to him for a bit over the last two days. He has a long road of recovery ahead, but for now, we’re just thankful to hear his voice.”

Priscilla was not only in the right place at the right time, but she also kept her cool in a difficult and stressful circumstance. 

Source: Inspire More