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Anonymous “Wine Fairies” Play Ding Dong Ditch And Leave Booze On Doorsteps To Make Neighbors Happy!



  • Anonymous “Wine Fairies” have started sprouting and spread throughout the country to infect people with happiness amidst pandemic. 
  • What they do is gather info about wine lovers in their neighborhood and deliver the gifts discreetly to their doorsteps.
  • Soo, they would also create groups for men and for kids to spread more positivity. 

Ding Dong Ditch-it prank has never been this good!

As a way to put a smile on their neighbors’ faces amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, “Wine Fairies” who chose to be anonymous have been doing rounds, ringing doorbells and leaving booze on doorsteps.

Photo Credit: SWNS

A mom founded a Facebook group named Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine which was the first one to start doing this kind of act spreading joy throughout the neighborhood. 

Soon enough, many other “Wine Fairy” groups started sprouting on Facebook and they have thousands of members across the country giving out some good vibes to their communities.

Photo Credit: SWNS

First, the fairies would gather information about the wine lovers and collect their addresses. Then they would ask for their preferred varieties of wine and the members would deliver them while dressed in tutus, wings, and magic wands. They would tiptoe toward the doors, put the gifts discreetly on the doorsteps, ring the bells, and then run to hide. 

“It’s all about bringing others happiness and making new relationships,” said 40-year-old Cara Rindell, one of the fairies in Raleigh. “It starts off as a random act of kindness to a stranger and becomes a friendship with the neighbor you didn’t know you had.”

Their group in North Carolina now has more than 51,000 members and 3,000 on the approval list. 

Photo Credit: SWNS

“It was supposed to be just the Raleigh area, but now we are in ten states, hoping to eventually launch into all 50 states,” Cara saidl. “It is called the Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine, but the group is co-ed and it isn’t just about wine. We want to eventually include children all the way up to grandparents.”

She also plans to further widen their reach and create  “Brotherhood of Booze and Beer” for the guys and another one which would be a nonalcoholic group for kids. 

“Cruise lines are reaching out to me, about even having a cruise for the sisterhood,” She said. “This group started during COVID, but it’s not going to stop after COVID. I think we always need to be spreading kindness and cheer.”

Source: Good News Network