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Attention-Loving Corgi Wants Neighbors To Pet Her Amid Coronavirus Pandemic



  • Potato, the corgi, never misses an opportunity to say hello to their neighbors, but her routine was interrupted because of social distancing guidelines.
  • This situation puts her parents in a difficult position, understanding that Potato misses the kind of attention she was used to.
  • They decided to take a chance on permitting minimal contact with other people, just to make Potato happy.

Potato, the corgi, never misses an opportunity to say hello to their neighbors, and with the social distancing implemented in Portland, Oregon, this routine is interrupted. Potato is sure that something is afoot.

“She loves everyone — any dog, any kid, any adult human, doesn’t matter,” Cee said. “Even dogs who snarl at her she’s like, ‘It’s OK, I’ll check back in five minutes.’”

Cee and Pan understand that with these implemented guidelines, the corgi would long for the kind of attention she was used to. Potato is friendly with everyone, especially with mailmen.

Cee runs a professional website agency and development services company from their house, making it so she could look after their dog. Potato is trained to ring a bell whenever she wants somebody to open the door. Often, she hangs out by the wooden fences to meet other people, but when social distancing started, there were fewer people out on the streets. This was difficult for Potato.

“Potato takes her job of getting pats through the fence very seriously and honestly seemed depressed that people stopped saying hi to her when social distancing started,” Cee said. “People kept looking really guilty when we’d catch them patting Potato through the fence, or others would ask if they could still pat her.”

Cee and Pan decided to take a chance on minimal exposure. Clearly, Potato needed this.

 “She’d bark at people she knew who normally would pat her when they’d walk by without saying hi,” Cee said. “So we wanted to make it known that it was consensual for us to take that slight risk of exposure.”

From here on out, people could still pet the dog. Obviously, this is what she wanted. Cee and Pan pinned the announcement on the fence.

“This is Potato! She’s friendly and yes you can pet her, even now with the virus. She also loves every dog so feel free to intro your dog!” the sign reads.

This accomplished more than what was intended. The announcement posted on their fence helped them connect with other neighbors.

“People approach us more if we’re in the yard, or they send us little notes on [Potato’s] Instagram account,” Cee said. “There’s also an older neighbor lady who specifically comes by every single day to give her treats. It’s pretty wholesome.”

Source: The Dodo