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Baby Beaver Builds Dam To Show That She Wants To Have A Room Of Her Own [Video]



  • Nibi and Ziibi are two rescued baby beavers at the Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
  • The two have been sharing a habitat and Nibi was seen building a dam to keep Ziibi out.
  • The staff have their hands full watching over what “trouble” these two might get into next. 

The Newhouse Wildlife Rescue has two rescued baby beavers living in a habitat in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. One is named Nibi and the other is Ziibi.  The two have been sharing a room and when Nibi was given just an hour-long time alone, she has been building an indoor dam at the door of their room to keep Ziibi out.

Baby Beaver Building A Dam

As a reward for her good behavior towards her new roommate, Nibi was allowed to have the rehab room to herself for an hour while Ziibi enjoyed the semi aquatic enclosure. Nibi immediately started building a dam at the door where her roommate exited…you know…in case Ziibi tries to come back inside…Posted by Newhouse Wildlife Rescue on Friday, 14 October 2022

Ziibi, who is playing at a nearby semi-aquatic enclosure, is oblivious to what Nibi has been doing.

These two have a love-hate relationship and Nibi is obviously the one exhibiting the “I don’t like you” behavior towards Ziibi.  And this time, she’s telling her caretakers that she wants to live solo.

Photo Credit: Newhouse Wildlife Rescue (Facebook)

But in spite of Nibi’s efforts, Ziibi still returned to their habitat.  In the video, the rescue center wrote, “Ziibi wants to be friends so bad. But Nibi is a brat.”

She even tries to reach through her cage to push Ziibi, the facility related. “But Ziibi knows she is safe. Ziibi just likes being close to her.”

Instant Karma For Nibi

Though we absolutely love Nibi, we can’t help but root for Ziibi in these situations. She wants to be friends so badly. Though Fights between them have calmed down, Nibi still tries to bully Ziibi sometimes. That’s why we always watch their interactions. This morning, Nibi got instant karma and it made us giggle…Posted by Newhouse Wildlife Rescue on Thursday, 27 October 2022

In a way, Ziibi might be annoying Nibi as she could move if she wants to.

These two are keeping the staff on their toes as they are quite a handful.

Photo Credit: Newhouse Wildlife Rescue (Facebook)

Good thing that they keep their Facebook followers updated on the latest antics of the two.

They have posted videos and photos showing the duo’s different personalities like Ziibi running after Nibi fell into a deep pond and a photo of Nibi holding a toy.


You can say they are double trouble.  And the staff and the followers are definitely watching what the two are up to.

Source: People