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Black Month Tribute: 15 black ‘superkids’ who make the world a better place



  • There are small ways to make this world a better place.
  • Fifteen young people from different places share their own ‘contributions.’
  • Here’s how these kids step up the game in goodwill, brilliance, and fun!

It’s Black History Month, and it’s high time to honor these young people who are leaving a mark to make this world such a better place. Read on and be inspired!

1. 11-year-old CEO. Obocho Peters knew exactly how it felt not to have something he badly wanted. Raised by a single mom, he couldn’t even get a toy for himself. This led him to earn his own money by selling old clothes and help others in need, too.

Photo Credit: Obocho Peters/GoFundMe

2. Young NY Philharmonic genius. Grace Moore, a 12-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, began playing the piano when she was only two. She wrote her own music at eight and became one of the youngest composers for the New York Philharmonic at 12!

Photo Credit: New York Philharmonic/Youtube

3. Little hero. Five-year-old Tyrion Spann is a sure techie when he instantly saved his mom during a severe epileptic seizure. How? He used the power of Alexa to call his grandma for help!

Photo Credit: Natalie Forbes Neal/Facebook

4. 6-month-old workout buff. Landon is a 6-month-old baby who can now do push-ups better than you and me! His passion and baby laughs are truly contagious!

Photo Credit: Charlie Todd/Instagram

5. Karate kid trainer. Black belter Jeffrey Wall from Ohio uses his skills to train senior citizens to become strong and healthy.

Photo Credit: Golden Age Karate/Instagram

6. From being bullied to being a business woman. Taylor Thomas is a victim of bullying because of her physical disability. Her life on a wheelchair due to spina bifida did not keep her from becoming successful. She launched her own nail polish company — for a greater cause!

Photo Credit: Lola Marie/Facebook

7. Martin Luther King in-the-making. Colin Harris, a nonverbal until he was almost four, turned out to be a pro at public speaking. He actually won first place during MLK Jr. Oratory Competition in 2020!

Photo Credit: The Dallas Morning News/Facebook

8. App for dementia. A life-changing technology for people with dementia had recently won the hearts of many, thanks to the creativity and passion of three Nigerian-Irish teens Rachael Akano, Margaret Akano, and Joy Njekwe from Drogheda, Ireland.

Photo Credit: Phase Innovate- GalTech/YouTube

9. Feeding the poor. Orion Jean used the $500 prize money he earned from a National Speech contest to launch a program that helped poor families in his community.

Photo Credit: Orion Monaco Jean/Instagram

10. From trash to treasure. Born in a business-oriented family, Jasmine Benton knew she’d take on the same path. Her unique concept: trash to treasure design company!

Photo Credit: Jasmine Benton/Facebook

11. Young rapper. Bobby White is an expert in beatboxing at the age of six. His exceptional piece: “You Can Be ABCs,” illustrating various careers – that anyone can be – from A to Z!

Photo Credit: More With Sam/YouTube

12. 12-year-old college student. Born with exceptional IQ, Caleb Anderson from Marietta, Georgia is on his way to college. And he’s just 12!

Photo Credit: Caleb Anderson and Family/Facebook

13. “Life coach” toddler. When Taj talks, he makes sure his dad listens, especially when he teaches him that there is no excuse for joining him in the playground

Photo Credit: D’Anthony/Instagram

14. Black girls up high. Sisters of the Skies envisions an aviation world where black women are pilots!

Photo Credit: Sisters of the Skies/Facebook

15. Down syndrome honors mom after graduation. When everyone would party to celebrate graduation, teenager PJ Marshall who has Down syndrome thought of the best thing to do: he visited his mom’s graveyard to honor her.

Photo Credit: RM Videos/YouTube

Source: Inspire More