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Boy Who Loves Geography Celebrates 12th Birthday With Greetings From People All Over The World



  • Jody Smith wanted his son who has Autism spectrum to enjoy his birthday even while in quarantine at home.
  • So he tweeted a photo of him and asked his followers to greet him with their locations so the kid could mark it on his map—which he happens to be very passionate about.
  • What Jody did ot expect was the massive response from people from all over the world and even from celebrities!

A young boy who is very well versed in geography had to celebrate his birthday at home because of the community quarantine and social distancing in place. But that didn’t stop him at all from making friends with people from across different parts of the globe.

Last Saturday, Brandon Smith just turned 12, and it was quite a special and unique celebration. Using a hand-sketched map, he tracked the location of all the people who greeted him a happy birthday through Twitter. 

With the help of his football writer dad, Jody Smith, the adorable birthday project started. Jody tweeted about his son’s birthday and asked his followers to reply on the post or retweet it with the information where they come from, so Brandon can put a dot on his map counting their greetings.

The tweet has gone viral so easily and on Saturday afternoon, “Brandon” was on the top spot of trending topics on Twitter, says the Washington Post.

Brandon’s dad’s tweet has travelled all over the world and reached as far as  Scotland, North Korea, India, Paris, New Zealand and many more. 

Photo Credit: Jody Smith

Actor Josh Gad from Los Angeles, celebrity chef José Andrés from Maryland, and even famous baseball team San Francisco Giants—all wished him a happy birthday.

“Brandon is very appreciative of all the love today,” Jody posted along with a photo of Brandon holding his map and a sign that says, “Thank you Twitter!”

Jody never would’ve expected that. He told the Post, he was thinking maybe only around 50-100 would interact with his tweet and never thought it would even go as far as becoming a worldwide Twitter trend.

Even someone from a small island state in Australia, Tasmania, sent him greetings. Brandon really had fun!

Photo Credit: Jody Smith

Jody also shared that his son is on the autism spectrum that is why he tends to be obsessed with his passions—maps and golf. Brandon has become so good with geography he sometimes didn’t even need to look at a map to know where to locate a place.

“These are pretty trying times and it’s so great to see people rallying around a warm story,” Jody told the Post. “And it’s made him feel so special. Kudos to all the people taking time out of their day to make a 12-year-old boy feel good.”

Source: PEOPLE